Academy of Fine Arts Painting

This tag contains all the information regarding Academy of Fine Arts Painting. Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg is one of the oldest art academies established in 1662 in Nuremberg city of Bavaria. This university offers an intensive work atmosphere with masters in architecture and urban studies. The university has several classes such as fine arts, graphic designing, painting, visual arts, and so on.

This contains information about university like their overall rankings, internships or jobs available near them, information regarding housing & accommodation, cost of living, courses for international students, etc. Nuremberg being a popular city never fails to create job opportunities for the students in its city. Many students national or international are welcomed by many multinational companies after completing their degrees. Some companies like Allianz Germany, Thales, MVST GmbH, Siemens healthineers, and many others are the renowned companies willing to take the students of this university.

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