how to calculate ects credit points

This tag contains all the information regarding how to calculate ects credit points.

The ECTS credits calculator or European Credit and Transfer and Accumulation System is basically a grading system. Moreover, this helps students in hopping from one university to the other by providing them with a common grading platform. Furthermore, the grades are subdivided on a scale from A to F. In a nutshell, ECTS is a platform that facilitates students in their studies by this credit transfer system, which will provide due recognition to the study obtained in the previous institute.

After completion of every course/seminar/module, students receive ECTS credit points. Each point depicts the workload they accomplished in that particular period. A few examples of ECTS credit points per degree type include:

  • 60 ECTS credits- Dedicated for a full year of academic study.
  • 120 ECTS credits- For a 2year master’s degree program.
  • 180 ECTS credits- In relation to a 3year bachelor’s degree program.
  • 240 ECTS credits- Dedicated for a bachelor’s degree program that extends up to 4years.
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