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Amazon Prime membership Cost in Germany

Amazon Prime Membership cost in Germany

Amazon Prime has established itself as a household name in the Internet and e-commerce sectors by offering its users several privileges, including free delivery, online streaming, limitless reading, and more. Enticed by its benefits? How much does Amazon Prime cost in Germany, I’m sure you’re wondering. In this article, you will get to know about Amazon Prime Membership costs in Germany.

Amazon Prime

What does Amazon Prime cost in Germany?

The price of an Amazon Prime membership was increased

    • Price Increase in March 2022: Raised for all members from EUR 106.42/year to EUR 124.31/year, still considered a valuable investment.
    • Various Subscription Programs: Amazon offers a range of monthly and yearly subscription options, each with its benefits.
    • 30-day Free Trial: Before committing to a long-term subscription, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime in Germany.
    • Flexible Membership Cancellation: You have the flexibility to cancel your Amazon Prime membership at any time.

Membership every month

    • Monthly Amazon Prime Subscription: Priced at €13.41 per month for cost-conscious individuals.
    • Annual Cost Comparison: The monthly plan totals approximately EUR 160.98/year, which is significantly more expensive than the annual plan.
    • Reduced Cost for Eligible Individuals: Government aid recipients can access Prime at a reduced rate of EUR 6.25 per month.
    • Comprehensive Content Access: Enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies, and popular channels with access to the entire Amazon Prime content catalogue.
    • Additional Benefits: Amazon Prime membership includes fast shipping, music streaming, reading, free games, and exclusive discounts.

Membership on an Annual basis

    • Annual Amazon Prime Subscription: Priced at EUR 124.31 in Germany, a convenient choice for those who prefer a one-time payment and want to save on monthly hassles.
    • Annual Savings: Opting for the annual plan saves approximately EUR 35.77 annually compared to the monthly subscription, offering significant cost benefits.
    • Comprehensive Benefits: Enjoy unrestricted access to Prime Video for the latest movies, TV series, and documentaries. Additional perks include Amazon Kids+, Prime Video channels, online music streaming, expedited shipping, and discount coupons.

Amazon Prime Student Membership

    • Amazon Prime Student Plan: EUR 61.71/year (or EUR 6.70/month) for students with verified school or college email addresses.
    • Six-Month Free Trial: Students enjoy a generous six-month free trial period before subscription charges begin.
    • Prime Video Variety: Access a diverse range of TV shows, films, documentaries, and educational content with Prime Video.
    • Comprehensive Benefits: Enjoy fast shipping, money-saving coupons, food delivery, music streaming, and more at no extra cost.

Amazon Prime Video Membership

    • Amazon Prime Video Subscription: Priced at EUR 8.04 per month in Germany, ideal for streaming enthusiasts.
    • Limited Sports and Content: Amazon Prime primarily offers access to prominent sports leagues like the NFL and Amazon’s original TV series.
    • Higher Cost: Despite being convenient for streaming, it offers fewer benefits and is the most expensive subscription plan, totalling around EUR 96.59/year.

Advantages of Amazon Prime membership in Germany

    • Streaming Variety: Access a vast library of movies, TV shows, and documentaries on Prime Video, with add-on channels available.
    • Music: Enjoy ad-free streaming of 2+ million songs through Amazon Music, with discounts on “Amazon Music Unlimited.”
    • Free Photo Storage: Get 5 GB of cloud storage on Amazon Photos for photos and videos, accessible from any device with the internet.
    • Gaming Perks: Access Prime Gaming for free PC games and in-game content, plus a monthly Twitch channel subscription.
    • Reading Selection: Explore over a thousand magazines, comics, and books on Fire tablets, Kindle, and Kindle apps.
    • Food Savings: Prime members receive an extra 10% discount on eligible Whole Foods Market items, online and in stores.
    • Exclusive Deals: Enjoy Prime Day discounts and early access to Lightning Deals, giving you a 30-minute head start.
    • Amazon Family: Get family-oriented discounts, deals, and coupons as a Prime subscriber.

In conclusion, an Amazon Prime membership cost in Germany offers a multitude of benefits, from extensive streaming options to music and gaming perks. With free photo storage, exclusive discounts, and early access to deals, it’s a comprehensive package that delivers exceptional value for subscribers. Don’t miss out on the convenience and savings Amazon Prime has to offer.

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