ATMs in Germany – Fees & charges

In the vibrant streets of Germany, where cash is still a widely used mode of payment, understanding ATM fees is crucial for both locals and visitors. In this guide, we explore how much it costs to use ATMs in Germany. We’ll talk about the money you might have to pay when you want to get your cash.

Some of the most well-known German banks include Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, KfW Bankengruppe, and DZ Bank. These banks have an extensive branch network and provide their customers with a variety of services, including ATM facilities. The majority of German banks provide a sizable network of ATMs that let consumers access their accounts. These ATMs are often found in busy areas like train stations, airports, retail malls, and bank branches. These allow users to withdraw cash, check account balances, make transfers, and do other banking tasks using their bank cards.

ATMs in Germany - Fees & Charges
ATMs in Germany – Fees & Charges

Bank Association, ATM fees and charges


Banks associated with other Banks

The banking landscape is diverse, with various financial institutions forming associations with different banks around the world. Among these, Monese has established its presence, while Revolut boasts a comprehensive network, including Barclays, Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds, and many others. Wise collaborates with IndusInd Bank, demonstrating a global reach. Adyen and BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) have also aligned their services with PNC Bank. Bank of America Europe DAC affiliates with Bank of America, Banc of America, and Merrill Lynch. DKB partners with Bayerische Landesbank, and HypoVereinsbank aligns with UniCredit Bank.

The German banking sector features significant collaborations, such as Commerzbank with Comdirect and mBank, Deutsche Bank with Postbank and digital bank FYRST, and ING-DiBa as an independent entity. Bgl BNP Paribas engages with Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Turk Ekonomi Bankasi, and others. Citi Bank Europe PLC has associations with major U.S. banks, including Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo.

Klarna Bank, AB, extends its reach through partnerships with Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, and others. Mufg collaborates with banks like VietinBank and Bank Danamon, showcasing an international network. Nat West, comprising National Westminster Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Coutts & Company, has a distinct presence. Santander aligns with a multitude of banks, including Barclays, HSBC, and Revolut, forming an extensive network in the financial landscape. This intricate web of banking associations highlights the interconnected nature of the global financial system, fostering collaboration and expanding the reach of financial services.

Key Consideration for right ATMs

While comparing ATMs, fees, and charges across German banks, there are several factors that you should considered to make an informed decision. Here are some key factors to take into account:

    1. Withdrawal Fees: Look for a bank with low or no fees for taking money out of ATMs. Some banks charge you every time you use their ATMs, so find one that won’t cost you much.
    2. ATM Network Size: Choose a bank that has lots of ATMs everywhere. The more ATMs they have, the easier it is for you to find one nearby, and you might not have to pay extra fees.
    3. Foreign Transaction Fees: If you’re planning to use your card in other countries, check if your bank charges extra for this. Some banks add a fee for each international transaction, so it’s good to know in advance.
    4. Partner Banks and Alliances: There are some banks who work together, so you can use ATMs from other banks without paying fees. Check if your bank has friends in the banking world to save money on withdrawals.
    5. Daily Withdrawal Limits: Know how much money you can take out in one day. Different banks have different limits, and it’s essential to be aware of this so you don’t run into problems when you need more cash.
    6. Online and Mobile Banking Features: Look for a bank that lets you manage your money easily online or through a mobile app. This makes it simple to keep track of your spending and see your ATM transactions from anywhere.

In conclusion, German banks run a vast network of ATMs and have formed numerous partnerships to give their clients easy access to cash and financial services. To get the information on fees and charges of ATMs in Germany, consumers should study their own bank’s terms and conditions and be aware of fee regulations.

Name of the BanksBank ConnectionsType of BankFee Charge (in %)Fee Charge (in €)Charges with Same BankCharges with other BankDescription of ATM/Fee charges
€1.5 / £1.5

yes, after 6th transactionyes, after 6th transactionAfter paying your first monthly fee when joining Monese Plus, you won’t pay a monthly fee if you don’t have any money in your Monese Account. ATM withdrawals: 6 free transactions in your monthly fee period from all your Monese Accounts combined (€1.5 / £1.5 / 6 lei per withdrawal from 7th transaction.
RevolutEverywherePrivate1. Free
2. €2.99
3. €7.99
4. €13.99
1.Standard Plan (Free): Free cash withdrawals up to €200/month, fee-free currency exchange (Mon-Fri) up to €1,000.
2.Plus Plan (€2.99): Includes all Standard plan features, personalized card, priority 24/7 customer service.
3.Premium Plan (€7.99): Includes all Plus plan features, free cash withdrawals up to €400/month, unlimited fee-free currency exchange (Mon-Fri), international health insurance, discounted airport lounge access.
4.Metal Plan (€13.99): Includes all Premium plan features, free cash withdrawals up to €800/month, unlimited fee-free currency exchange (Mon-Fri), cashback on spending, exclusive Metal card.
BunqEverywherePrivate0.50%Freeit depends on banksThe fees from bunq are 0% if you’re withdrawing in the same currency as your account (otherwise there’s a 0.5% fee on converting currencies). The fee depends on the ATM itself.
Berliner SparkasseEverywherePublic€7.50Freeit chargesfree withdrawals from sparkasse atms(45% of ATMs), fee of 2%(minimum 7.50€) per withdrawal from other ATMs.
VolksbankEverywherePublic1%€7.50Freeit chargeFree withdrawals from BVR ATMs(32%). a fee of 7.50€ or 1%of withdrawal Amount for other ATMs.
WiseEverywherePublic1.75%it charges internationallyit charges internationallyThe only fees that they charge you for using ATMs abroad will come at 1.75% per withdrawal — and only after you’ve exceeded your €200 monthly withdrawal limit.
AdyenEverywherePublic€0.11it chargeit charge€0.11 fee Charge from all banks for each transaction
BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria)EverywherePrivateFreeFreeAll account holders can use BBVA ATMs free of charge.
Bank of America Europe DACEverywherePublic3%Bank of America will assess an international transaction fee of 3% of the U.S. dollar amount for all ATM withdrawals processed in foreign currency.
Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB)EverywherePrivateFreedepends on countryany cash withdrawal at any VISA ATM is free, irrespective of the country or the currency for Active Customers
ICBC – Insurance Corporation of British ColumbiaEverywherePublic$1 – $6(varies across States) per transaction(varies across States) per transactionCurrently our customers are charged a surcharge fee, of $1 – $6 (varies across States) per transaction, by the ATM operators on non-ICBC-USA ATMs.
HypoVereinsbankEverywherePrivateFreeno chargeCash WIthdrawals at ATM’s in Germany and abroad your HVB ecarte allows you to withdraw cash free of charge at almost 25,000 ATMs: not only at Hypo Vereinsbank and other Cash Group banks (Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank and Postbank plus their domestic subsidiary banks) and at many Shell petrol stations in German
Deutsche PostbankEverywherePrivate€1.50Freeit chargesFree withdrawls from Cash group ATMs , Fee of 1.50€ per transaction
CommerzbankEverywherePrivate1.95%€5.98Freeit chargesFree withdrawals from Cash Group ATMs (15% of ATMs). Fee of 1.95% (minimum 5.98€) of withdrawal amount for other ATMs
Deutsche BankEverywherePrivate1%€6Freeit chargeFree withdrawals from Cash Group ATMs (15% of ATMs). Fee of 6€ or 1% of withdrawal amount for other ATMs. There is no charge if the debit card is used at a Deutsche Bank ATM.

BGL BNP Paribas
EverywherePrivateFreeFreeNo Charge
BNP Paribas FortisEverywherePrivateFreeFreeNo Charge
Deutsche KreditbankEverywherePrivatefree but it will be charge after 50 eurosfree but it will be charge after 50 eurosDKB itself only operates 21 of its own ATMs in Germany. But that’s no problem at all, because with the DKB credit card you can use all ATMs throughout Europe without fees. The only condition: the amount withdrawn must be at least 50 euros.
Citi Bank Europe PLCEverywherePrivate2.75%Freeit chargeDebit Card charges on Overseas cash withdrawals at non-Citi ATMs. The withdrawal amount will first be converted to US Dollars by the relevant card scheme and a 2.75% transaction fee applied.
ING-DiBaEverywherePublic$5.00free in same countryit charges in another country banksInternational ATM withdrawal charge is $5.00
ComdirectEverywherePrivateFreeFreeAs a comdirect customer, you can withdraw cash worldwide free of charge.
1822direktEverywherePrivate€2Freeit charges4 free withdrawals per month from Sparkasse ATMs 38 (45% of ATMs). Otherwise, 2€ per withdrawal.
Kotak Mahindra BankEverywherePrivate3.50%Rs.150/ $ 2.01it charges on foreign currencyThere is a markup of 3.5% for foreign currency transactions and a fee of 150 INR (2.01 USD) for each international purchase, as well as an international ATM withdrawal limit of 50,000 INR (671.52 USD).
NorisbankEverywherePublic1.75%Payments in the euro zone are free of charge. In the case of foreign currency, a fee of 1.75 percent is charged. Cash withdrawals abroad are free of charge at all machines with the Mastercard symbol. There is a charge of 2.5 percent, but at least 6 euros, for using the credit card to withdraw cash in Germany.
HSBCEverywherePrivate3%Freecharge on foreign transactions3% foreign transaction fee
KBC Bank, NVEverywherePrivate1%€5Freeit chargesWithdrawing cash at other banks’ ATMs costs 1% of the amount involved, with a minimum charge of 5 euros
Klarna Bank, ABEverywherePublic€2it charges 2 times per monthit charges 2 times per monthYes, one can withdraw money from any ATM in Germany and abroad 2 times per month. After that, we charge 2 € per withdrawal. And apply the following limits to cash withdrawals:

Max 1,000 € per attempt

Max 1,000 € per day

Max 2,500 € per wee
MUFGEverywherePrivate¥105it charges according to given timeit charges according to given timeAt present, account holders can withdraw money from MUFG ATMs without having to pay a handling fee if they do so between 8:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays. At all other times they have to pay an extra ¥105. Starting December 20, the time for free withdrawals is extended to 9 p.m., and that includes weekends and holidays, which will also be free from now on. The ¥105 fee is still in effect from 9 p.m. to 8:45 a.m.
National Bank of PakistanEverywherePublicfree but 1-Links member banks ATMs will charge RS.23.44 per transaction
Nat WestEverywherePublicIt will charge a Non-Sterling Transaction Fee of 2.75% of the value of the withdrawal.
N26EverywhereDigital€2chargeA €2 fee applies to both domestic or international withdrawals.
RaiffeisenbankenEverywherePrivate1.70%it chargesfree in own currency, this bank charge 1.7% in other currency. depends on card type and residency.
Santander BankEverywherePrivateDebit card – 2.95%
Credit card – 3%
Freeit chargesSantander charges 2.95% for ATM withdrawals on a debit card, rising to 3% for a credit card.¹ Plus, individual banks or ATM providers might levy their own fees on top of those your bank charges.If you can find a Santander cash machine on your travels, you won’t pay a withdrawal fee when you use a Santander debit card.
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