This category offers HowTo articles on topics like shortlisting institutions, opening a German blocked account, preparing for IELTS, obtaining academic transcripts, and learning German rapidly. This article includes all you need to know about documents while intending to study abroad. If you wish to study for a master’s degree in Germany, the next step is to pick which universities to apply to. As a consequence, you’ll start looking for institutions that offer courses in your subject of interest, which won’t be simple. A Blocked Account is a sort of bank account that is only available to overseas students in Germany. This enables students to deposit the necessary funds to meet their living expenses for a year and serves as proof of financial resources when applying for a student visa in Germany. IELTS is an abbreviation for the International English Language Testing System. It is a test of English language competency that you must pass in order to apply for a Public Relations (PR) career, study abroad in English-speaking countries, or just attend English-language courses. The German language is the most widely spoken native language in Europe. It is also the second most popular web language after English. German websites account for a large section of the internet. If you want to study abroad or pursue an international degree program in Germany. Since you’ll be living there for a few years, learning German is always an amazing start. Learning the local language will allow you to communicate more effectively. If you need any further information, please contact howtoabroad.


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