This category compares Hochschule and University and studying in Germany with studying in Canada

What’s the difference between Hochschule and University? This is a crucial question that needs immediate consciousness. There is no major difference between the two, however, the literal and the most basic difference is that the term University is reserved for institutions with the right to confer doctorates. In contrast, Hochschule encompasses universities as well as institutions that are not authorized to confer doctorates. In general, terms, what University in English is Hochschule in German. Moreover, in Germany, all higher education institutes are attributed using the umbrella name Hochschulen and this can further be subdivided into University and Fachhochschule, which is a term used for University of Applied Sciences. Indeed, Fachhochschule is generally termed as Hochschule in day-to-day usage. Since Germany is considered a paradise for education by international students, hence, it is of utmost importance to get a good knowledge of the education system and the terms associated with it.

Before comparing studying in Germany with studying in Canada, it’s of great importance to understand why more and more students are leaning toward seeking education from foreign nations. Nowadays,  many students want to pursue their studies abroad, but it becomes hard to choose among different countries and top institutions. This is the most important and basic step regarding studying abroad. Also in the case of Germany and Canada, one needs to review the country from all relevant aspects and then arrive at a decision. These aspects may include subject and university choices, tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships, etc. All these major and minor aspects play a very important role in students’ careers and life abroad. Also, proper guidance is all one needs for making the best decisions and also for understanding and comparing studying in Germany with Canada. Only by understanding every single aspect of studying abroad one can come up with the best decisions.

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