This category contains a comparison between Hochschule and University & Study in Germany vs Canada

What’s the difference between Hochschule and University? This is a vital question that needs immediate attention. Since international students consider Germany as a paradise for education. Hence, it is of utmost importance to get a hold of the education system and the terms associated with it. Moreover, in Germany, all higher education institutes are attributed using the umbrella name Hochschulen. However, this can be further subdivided into University and Fachhochschule(University of Applied Sciences). Furthermore, Fachhochschule is generally termed as Hochschule in day-to-day usage.

Before getting into the study in Germany vs Canada, it’s crucial to understand why more and more students are leaning towards education from foreign nations. Even though many students want to pursue their studies abroad, it is hard to choose among different countries. One needs to review the country from all relevant aspects and then arrive at a decision. They may include subject and university choices, tuition fees, and cost of living. Only then can you come up with the best decision.

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