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In Germany, Many universities use a 5 point grading scale to give their students’ academic achievement.

The ECTS credits calculator or European Credit and Transfer and Accumulation System is basically a grading system. Moreover, this helps students in hopping from one university to the other by providing them with a common grading platform. Furthermore, the grades are subdivided on a scale from A to F.

All German universities and Hochschule programs come under the umbrella name Hochschulen which denotes all higher education institutions in Germany. Confused which University/Hochschule program to choose?

Before getting into the aspects of How to get into German Universities it is crucial to understand their worth. Some of the German universities have persistently ranked among the world’s best universities. Also, outstanding research and teaching styles have contributed to their worldwide reputation. Contrary to popular belief, this place is an amalgamation of world-class education, cutting-edge research technology, a higher percentage of employability, and a quite affordable cost of living. Moreover, Germany opens the door to a rich history and a vibrant lifestyle intermixing the classical with the modern. Apart from that, it is a dream destination for students planning to settle abroad.

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