Public Holidays in Germany

Public holidays in Germany are a vibrant tapestry of cultural, historical, and religious celebrations that reflect the nation’s rich and diverse heritage. These days of observance hold profound significance for Germans, both as a time for reflection on their past and as opportunities to revel in their present. Steeped in tradition and marked by a sense of communal togetherness, these holidays offer a fascinating glimpse into the country’s unique customs and values. From the solemn remembrance of historical events to the exuberant festivities that bring communities together, public holidays in Germany encapsulate the essence of the nation’s identity and the enduring spirit of its people. Here, we will explore German public holidays will shed light on the most prominent and cherished occasions, highlighting their origins, cultural importance, and the diverse ways in which they are celebrated across this captivating nation.

This page shows all the public holidays in Germany for 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. Remember, these dates might change if officials make announcements. So, check back here often for updates.

Public Holidays in Germany - 2023


Public Holidays in Germany - 2024


Public Holidays in Germany - 2025


Public Holidays in Germany - 2026


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