German Grade Calculator lets you convert your grades( GPA or percentage) into the German grading system (4.0-1.0). It works on the method of the Modified Bavarian Formula.

German Grade Calculator

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German Grade Percentage Description
1.0 – 1.5 90 – 100 sehr gut
1.6 – 2.5 80 – 90 gut
2.6 -3.5 80 – 65 befriedigend
3.6 – 4.0 65 – 50 ausreichend
5 50 – 0 Mangelhaft/ ungenügend / nicht bestanden

What does your Grade Say about you?

German GradeTranslation
sehr gutvery good: an outstanding achievement
gutgood:an achievement substantially above average
befriedigendSatisfactory: achieved average requirement
ausreichendSufficient: an achievement that barely meets the requirement
Mangelhaft/ ungenügend / nicht bestandeninsufficient / failed: an achievement that does not meet the requirement
German Grade Calculator

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More About Grading System

Indian Grading System

In India, many of the colleges and universities use the 10 point CGPA scale which is Cumulative Grade Point Average and some other institutes use the percentage system for grading. Universities contribute more higher education in India and grading systems vary from university to university.

Many colleges in India grade/score students very strictly.  The minimum percentage for a graduate to achieve is 50%. So, if you were an average student in such colleges, your CGPA/ Percentage could be 7.0 or 70%. Using German Grade Conversion, if your GPA on the German scale would be 2.80. yet, many of the German universities directly closes your application if your GPA is falling above 2.50 on the German scale.

The percentage, GPA, and CGPA scales put into this comparison table as per the University of Mumbai.


*Please note that the table below shows the approximation and might not be accurate in some cases.

GradeUS Grade EquivCGPAMarks
P/FF4 or <440-45/<40

Chinese grading system

In China, Universities, schools, and colleges use a 5 scale or 4 scale grading system. In the 5 scale grading system, the following grades can be as below.

Grade A90 to 100% rangeGrade A-85 to 90%
Grade B78 to 84%Grade B-75 to 77%
Grade C68 to 74%Grade C-64 to 67%
Grade D60 to 63%Grade F0 to 59%

In the 4 scale grading system.

Grade A85 -100%
Grade B75-84%
Grade C60-74%
Grade D0-59%

Russian Grading System

Russian Federation uses 5 points grading system in every education institution including the higher education system

5 Highest distinction
4 Good knowledge of subject
3 Fair
2 Below average, first level of failing
1 Complete failure, lowest possible grade

German Grading  

In Germany, Many universities use a 5 point grading scale to give their students’ academic achievement. If that is the scenario with the university you choose in Germany, here follows what every grade describes

With regards to the study conducted by WES, the average grade in Germany is about 3.0 and below the WES table converts a 3.0 to a B equivalent in the US.

German GradePercentageDescription
1.0 – 1.590 – 100sehr gut
1.6 – 2.580 – 90gut
2.6 -3.580 – 65befriedigend
3.6 – 4.065 – 50ausreichend
550 – 0Mangelhaft/ ungenügend / nicht bestanden

How to convert your grade to ECTS?

Use our ECTS Credit Calculator and resolve your queries!

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