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This category contains information like best place for students to live in Germany, Top 10 universities for students according to their streams, etc. Some of the best places to live in Germany are Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, etc. Every City in Germany has provides best opportunities for students in terms of education as well as employment. If we talk about top 10 universities for students according to their stream that Germany has, Mechatronics In Germany, For Bio-Engineering, For Automotive Engineering, for Electrical Engineering, for Physics, etc. An MBA degree efficiently equips students with the much-needed skillset to implement in business practices. Moreover, an MBA degree from a recognized global university will aid in achieving lucrative employment opportunities in the job market. Students can hone their skills and opt for a plethora of career options namely business analyst, investment banker, product analyst, operations manager, etc. For Indian students, a bachelor’s degree and 2-3years of work experience are mandatory before applying for a Master’s degree in this field in Germany. MBA graduates from Germany can get handsome packages.

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