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This category contains all the General information regarding German universities like new covid restrictions, rules, and regulations in Germany. Everything you need to know about new covid restrictions and rules in Germany is covered here. You can also find information about different universities in Germany, their requirements, ranking, International Psychoanalytic University Berlin, how to shortlist Universities and choose the best for yourself, how to open a German blocked account, etc. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world for the past two to three years. According to current statistics, Germany has 2,97,845 new cases, 18, 287, 986 confirmed cases, and 126,646 confirmed fatalities. The German disease prevention and control agency, RKI indicated that the government has chosen to relax its travel restrictions since the Omicron version does not have the same significant health consequences as the other variations. As a result, the German covid restrictions and rules have been liberalized. This guide covers all the general information you need to know before planning your future in Germany, and a very important part covered here is ‘how to open a German bank account’. A Blocked Account is a unique type of bank account for international students in Germany. This allows them to deposit the appropriate amount of money to cover their living expenses for one year and acts as proof of financial resources while applying for a student visa in Germany. Other than the block account other important aspects and information about studying in Germany are also covered here.
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