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Chancenkarte: The Points-Based System Explained

Chancenkarte: The Points-Based System Explained

On 30th March, the German cabinet passed the Chancenkarte draft law proposal and now, it will be voted on in the parliament.

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What is the Chancenkarte?

Also called the Opportunity Card, & often confused as a green card (which it is not), the Chancenkarte is a way for interested job seekers to come work in Germany. It is a points-based system and is designed to streamline the process of moving to Germany for non-EU citizens. With this, skilled workers can work up to 20 hours a week part-time while they look for a job in their field.

The visa is only applicable for a one-year time period and if people do not land a job within that, they will have to go back to their countries. The chancenkarte cannot be extended.

In our last article, we explained in detail the whats and whys of Chancenkarte, and today we will tell you how it works.

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The Speculative Points-Based System

There are a total of 14 points and people have to score a minimum of 6 points to be eligible. Readers are reminded that these are all speculated calculations as the official bill has not been passed yet.

Points for Academic Qualifications

People can get up to 4 points if they have foreign academic qualifications that are recognized in Germany. This includes degrees and any training you received in your field provided that you can prove it.

Points for Professional Work Experience

Job-seekers get 3 points if they have professional work experience in their chosen fields.

Points for Language Proficiency

People can get up to 3 points based on their respective levels of proficiency in German, provided they have proof in the form of official certification.

  • C1 Level holders get 3 points.
  • B2 Level holders get 2 points.
  • B1 Level holders get 1 point.

Points for Job Sponsors

Workers who have a sponsor or a consultant who will help them find a job in Germant get 1 point.

Points for Previous Stay

People who have lived in the country before get 1 point because of the experience gained and the familiarity formed with the German culture and the systems.

Points for Age

People younger than 35 years of age get 2 points and those between the ages of 35 to 40 years get 1 point. This is because young people will be able to work longer.

Points for Spouses

Job-seeker can get 1 point if their spouse also meets the requirements for the Chancenkarte.

You might think that the points do not add up and you would be right. There are many sources that talk about the points and how they can be calculated but the official reports are not here yet. This is what the actual system could look like, not what it is. We will update you as and when any new information comes regarding the Chancenkarte.

Another important thing is that people will be able to apply for this while they are in Germany, but that will depend on their type of visa.

If you want to move to Germany for a job, you should be on the lookout for when the law is approved by the German parliament.

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