How to mail a letter in Germany?

How to mail a letter in Germany?

Simply get your parcel or envelope ready and head to the post office. There’s no need to purchase stamps. They’ll deal with it. Some post offices only accept cash; bring cash with you. The Post & DHL app allows you to purchase a digital stamp. You receive a code, which you write on the package. Leave the letter at the post office or in a post box. For foreign mail, this is ineffective. In this article, you will get to know about How to mail a letter in Germany.

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Similar to most other nations, here it is:

    • The middle line should contain the recipient’s address.
    • Place your address in the top left corner. In the top right corner, place the postage stamp. You don’t need it; if they can’t deliver the letter, they will send it back to this address.


The components of a German address

    1. Name of a person or company                                                                                                                          German addresses begin with the name of the addressee. Your letter won’t be delivered unless this name is on the mailbox of the recipient.
    1. Mediator                                                                                                                                                            Add “bei” or “c/o” to the address if the recipient’s name is not visible in their mailbox. Your mail will be delivered to this person or business by the postal worker.
    2. Privacy information                                                                                                                                               If this letter is to be read by only you, add Persönlich (personal) or Vertraulich (secret).
    3. House number and street name                                                                                                                   Place the door number before the street name. such as “Musterstraße 17”. Such entrances like “17A” and “17B” are examples of several entrances that a building may have.
    4. Additional details (Addresszusatz)
        • The entrance
          • The B-building (Haus B)
          • (Staircase 3) Treppenhaus
          • Front-facing entrance: Vorderhaus
        • Number of floors
          • Dachgeschoss or DG, second floor; 2. Etage, 2. Stock, or 2. OG, attic apartment
          • First floor: 1. Etage, 1. Stock, or 1. OG (after the ground floor).
        • Apartment No.                                                                                                                                     Apartment numbers are uncommon in German apartment buildings. The format for flat numerals is #123, Whg. 123, or “W123”.
        • Floor Number                                                                                                                                              If there isn’t a flat number, mention the floor’s side. Take “4. Etage links” as an illustration (4th floor on the left).

Mail a letter in Germany using your computer

Send a letter from your computer if you don’t have a printer at home or if you want to save time. When you write text or upload a PDF, you send it by post.

Use these services to mail a letter from a computer:

    • Send text or PDF documents in any format using Superpost (English). easy to use but more pricey. No login is required.
    • Send any type of text or PDF file with LetterXpress (German). You must register for an account and deposit at least 5 euros.
    • Send PDF files in the DIN 5008 format using the eBrief (German) service. You have to set up an account.

By certified mail a letter in Germany

When you want to guarantee the delivery of your mail, registered mail (Einschreibebrief) includes a tracking number and provides a delivery confirmation. Use these. It is more expensive than a regular letter.

There are various types of registered letters, including:

    • Registered mail
      The letter was merely placed in the mailbox. No seal is required. Since your letter might remain in the mailbox, you can’t be certain of the precise moment that they received it. Use it to terminate a membership, subscription, or insurance. Since no one needs to answer the door and accept the letter, they can come more quickly than regular registered mail.
    • Standard Einschreiben                                                                                                                                      .

      The letter requires a signature upon delivery, and anyone who opens the door, including family members, roommates, and the workplace front desk, can sign for it, not just the intended receiver. Use it to terminate a lease or a contract.

In conclusion, sending mail a letter in Germany involves preparing your letter, visiting a post office, or using digital stamp options like the Post & DHL app. The format for a German address is standard, beginning with the recipient’s name, and including additional details if necessary. Registered mail offers tracking and delivery confirmation for added assurance but comes at a higher cost.

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