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Know How to get a Sim card in Germany ?

How to get a Sim card in Germany

If you are new in Germany and want to stay connected with friends and family wherever they are in the world, a high-quality mobile network is really required. Germany has a high-quality mobile network. and uses the GSM network, instead of the CDMA network. Germany has a well-developed 4G network and one should know about how to get a sim card in Germany.

How to get a sim card in Germany
How to get a sim card in Germany

Sim card or Mobile Contract

One must decide which type of mobile phone card he would prefer. He can buy a prepaid sim card or he can sign a contract and pay the monthly fee according to the mobile package. A mobile contract is best for a long-term stay in Germany while Sim card is best for a short-term stay in Germany.

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  • Sim Card in Germany

Sim card is the best option for people who are staying in Germany for less than a year. People can buy a prepaid SIM card online or from physical stores, for example, grocery stores, cell phone shops, petrol stations, supermarkets, etc. It is not mandatory to provide bank account details for purchasing a prepaid SIM card from physical stores. However, one must have to provide a registered German mailing address(Meldebescheinigung/Anmeldung) to purchase a prepaid SIM card online.

  • Dedicated Mobile Contracts in Germany

For those who are planning to stay in Germany for a longer period, a mobile phone contract is recommended. This is cheaper than a prepaid SIM. Traditional mobile phone contracts have a minimum duration of 24 months and often include an automatic renewal clause if the contract has not been canceled 3 months before expiry.

Mobile Phone market in Germany

The mobile phone market of Germany is dominated by 3 main providers Telekom, Vodafone, and Telefonia(O2). There are two different types of networks are available in Germany, D-network, and E-network. The D-network is mostly used by Telekom and Vodafone. It has a higher reach and better signal quality than the E-network. D-network is for those who travel a lot or live in the countryside. E-network can support a lot more calls at the same time. This network is for those who live in crowded areas.

Operators and their programs- Currently Running

Documents required to buy a sim card in Germany

  1. Address proof for example a rent agreement, electricity bill, bank passbook, etc.
  2. Government-issued photo identity proof such as driving license, passport, voter ID, etc.

Activation and Registration for sim card

There was so much confusion about how to activate a German SIM card. Since 2017, according to the law, one should have to show an ID document, for example, a passport or national ID card. All SIM cards in Germany now need to be registered on a name that is verified by an ID document and an address. This law is only for all newly activated prepaid SIM cards.

One should prepare two things:

  • A valid ID document, for example, passport, national ID card, or any other internationally acknowledged ID document with his name and a photo on it.
  • A German street address includes a street name, house number, postal code which is called Postleitzahl, and the name of the location.

There are three major options available for this new verification system which are described below:

  • Registration in the store of a provider

This is the usual way we all know. This option is for providers and brands that are present in physical stores. This option is the best for the users, who don’t speak any German as in most shops some English-speaking staff is to be found.

  • Registration by video identification

It is the standard way of registration. One has to purchase a sim card from any sales point and have to check the ID through a video connection. For this, a sim card with its number is needed. One should have to keep his ID and address ready. Furthermore, a fast and stable internet connection is needed.

  • Registration in post offices

This type of registration is suitable for passports that are not accepted online. One has to search for the nearest post office, that’s capable of doing this. For this type of registration, a passport is needed.

Buying a Sim card in Germany is a simple process if the person has valid ID proof and a valid address. One should always keep these processes in mind to buy a sim card in Germany.

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