Language Learning Apps and Resources for American Students

Language Learning Apps and Resources for American Students

Unlock the world of linguistic proficiency with a curated selection of language learning apps and resources tailored specifically for American students. From interactive platforms to immersive experiences, discover tools that make mastering a new language an enriching journey. Let’s explore some language learning Apps and Resources for American Students.

1. Duolingo:

  • Features: Duolingo offers free language learning with mobile apps for iPhone and Android, and desktop compatibility. As of the end of 2021, the company, based in Pittsburgh, boasts over 500 million users across almost 200 countries.
  • User experience: Duolingo Plus, starting at $6.99 per month (approximately $84 per year), provides an ad-free experience with a 14-day free trial option.
  • Languages: Duolingo supports approximately 40 languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin.

2. Rosetta Stone:

  • Features: Rosetta Stone prioritizes pronunciation and accent over traditional vocabulary lists, employing an immersive approach to real-world language use. The platform aims to prepare users for unscripted, real-world conversations.
  • User experience: A three-day free trial is available, followed by pricing starting at $35.97 for three months (around $144 per year). In 2019, Rosetta Stone’s consumer language business had 516,000 subscribers.
  • Languages: Rosetta Stone covers about 25 languages, including French, German, Russian, and Vietnamese.

3. Babbel:

  • Features: Babbel provides users access to live online classes, podcasts, and games, offering a comprehensive language learning experience with lessons crafted by language experts.
  • User experience: Registration is free, and Babbel offers the first lesson in each course at no cost. Subsequently, pricing begins at $13.95 for one month or $9.95 for three months (approximately $120 per year) for an ad-free experience.
  • Languages: Babbel supports 14 languages, such as Italian, Polish, Indonesian, and Portuguese.

4. Memrise:

  • Features: Memrise incorporates fun into learning with “learn with locals” videos collected from native speakers in Europe, enhancing the overall language learning experience.
  • User experience: A free account offers basic learning, while Memrise Pro, starting at $5 per month for an annual subscription (approximately $60 per year), provides a personalized learning experience with various memory techniques.
  • Languages: Memrise caters to about 20 languages for American English speakers, including Korean, Turkish, Norwegian, and Yoruba.

5. Busuu:

  • Features: Busuu emphasizes reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It’s free to sign up, but a premium membership (Premium Plus) unlocks additional features such as offline mode, study plans, and feedback from native speakers.
  • User experience: A study commissioned by Busuu suggests that 22 hours on the platform equate to a college semester of language learning. Premium membership costs around $6.50 per month for an annual subscription (approximately $78 per year).
  • Languages: Busuu supports 12 languages, including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Italian.


In Conclusion, Invest in your language learning journey with these exceptional apps. Whether you choose Duolingo’s global approach, Rosetta Stone’s immersive experience, Babbel’s expert-crafted lessons, Memrise’s fun-filled videos, or Busuu’s holistic emphasis, these resources promise a rich linguistic adventure tailored for American students.

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