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Professional Networking Events and Organizations for American Expats in Germany

Professional Networking Events and Organizations for American Expats in Germany

It could be a conference where you connect with attendees and keynote speakers, or a professional association event organized by an industry group. These networking events focus on specific markets, providing opportunities to connect with others in the same industry. Here are some popular Professional Networking events and organizations in Germany for for American Expats.

Some popular Networking events and organizations for Americans in Germany

1. The American Drama Group Europe

The American Drama Group Europe, established in Munich in 1978, aims to bring excellent theatre to as many countries as possible worldwide. Currently, the organization is on a Pan-European tour, reaching various countries in Europe and Asia. The talented actors are selected and directed in New York, London, and Paris. The performances feature a mix of classic and contemporary American, British, and French dramas. Which showcasing a diverse range of theatrical works.

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2. The American-German Business Club

The American-German Business Club Munich, or AGBC, has branches in various German cities. Like Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Bonn, Kaiserslautern, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, and Wiesbaden. The Munich Chapter, with more than 200 members, offers a platform where people can connect in English. Additionally, Fostering relationships in international business, culture, and traditions. AGBC is a non-profit, non-political organization that supports free trade, the exchange of ideas benefiting both countries, and personal connections among business professionals in Germany. It welcomes individuals of all nationalities who share its goals.

3. The Amerika Haus Verein

The Amerika Haus Verein (AHV) works to enhance intellectual and cultural exchange between Germany and the United States. They achieve this through events like lectures, conferences, concerts, readings, art exhibitions, and theatrical performances at the Amerika Haus. These activities provide insight into contemporary American politics and economic policies, fostering a deeper understanding between the two countries.

4. The Association of American University and Professional Women

The Association of American University and Professional Women (AAUPW) in Munich is a private organization for English-speaking women graduates of accredited U.S. colleges or universities. Their mission is to promote positive societal change by advocating for education, empowerment, and equity for women and girls.

5. German American Business Association

German American Business Association (GABA), headquartered in Mountain View, California. Promotes knowledge-sharing and networking between the German-American and Californian business and tech communities. GABA is committed to fostering German-American business and trade, addressing key issues in business, technology, and leadership. They offer industry programs in areas like Automotive, Life Sciences, Wireless/Mobile Communications, Clean Technology, Semiconductors, Women in Business, and Young Professionals.

In summary, this were some Networking events and organization in Germany where American expats  can enhance their professional and cultural experiences through diverse networking opportunities. From theatrical engagements with the American Drama Group Europe to business connections facilitated by AGBC and GABA. These organizations contribute to a vibrant expat community.

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