Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

Selecting the right mobile plan in Germany is crucial for residents and expats alike. With a plethora of options available, it’s essential to understand the differences between prepaid SIM cards, mobile contracts, and postpaid plans. Each choice comes with its own set of advantages and considerations, catering to varying needs and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key differences and highlight the top contenders in each category to help you make an informed decision.

Mobile Plans in Germany

Prepaid SIM Cards

Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Prepaid SIM cards are the epitome of flexibility. These cards come pre-loaded with credit, allowing you to make calls, send texts, and use data without being tied down by a subscription plan. The absence of a binding contract means you can top up your balance as needed. This option is perfect for those seeking affordability and flexibility, making it ideal for international students and anyone looking to keep their mobile expenses in check. If your mobile usage is moderate, a prepaid SIM card may be the right choice for you.

Mobile Contracts

Long-Term Commitment, Premium Features: Mobile contracts are comprehensive plans that bundle a set data allowance, a flat rate for calls and texts, and a portion of international minutes. These plans typically come with fixed terms, including 24-month and 12-month durations, which require your commitment to the provider. Monthly payments are usually facilitated through direct debit. Mobile contracts offer benefits such as 5G mobile internet, unlimited data, and free roaming within the EU, UK, and Switzerland. While they are ideal for expats planning to stay in Germany for several years or those looking to upgrade their phones, it’s essential to be aware of potential early cancellation fees.

Postpaid Plans

The Perfect Blend of Flexibility and Stability: Postpaid plans combine the best of both worlds. With a flat rate for calls and texts, and a customizable data package, they offer a level of flexibility similar to prepaid SIM cards. However, they also provide the stability associated with mobile contracts, ensuring uninterrupted service even if you forget to make a payment. What sets them apart is the ability to cancel the service at the end of each month. This is an excellent choice for those who need flexibility without sacrificing premium features.

Feature/Plan Prepaid Plan Postpaid Plan
Affordability Plans are more affordable Postpaid plans are more expensive
Flexibility Limited flexibility, no option to add later More flexible, options to add features anytime
Discounts Limited or no discounts Some carriers offer discounts
Credit Check No credit check Requires a credit check
Contract Typically no contract May require a contract
Data Usage Fixed data allowance, top-up needed Higher data allowances or unlimited data
Billing Paid in advance, no service without balance Billed after usage, with a grace period
Cancellation Fees Usually no cancellation fees May have cancellation fees
Overage Charges No overage charges May incur overage charges

Top Prepaid SIM Cards in Germany

Prepaid SIM cards are renowned for offering cost-effective mobile communication solutions. To help you navigate this landscape, we’ve curated a list of the top contenders associated with each major mobile network.

Lidl Connect                                                Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany


  • The Vodafone-Powered Champion:

Lidl Connect, backed by the reputable LIDL supermarket, operates on the robust Vodafone network, ensuring high-speed LTE internet connectivity. This prepaid option has gained recognition as the best Prepaid Tariff, as acknowledged by leading magazines like CHIP and Connect.

  • Plan Highlights:

Smart S Plan: For a mere 7.99 euros every 4 weeks, enjoy unlimited calls, SMS, and 4 GB of LTE data.
Smart XL Plan: If you need more data, the top-tier Smart XL plan provides a generous 16 GB of data for 17.99 euros. Remarkably, the SIM card itself costs just 9.99 euros and includes a 10-euro balance, essentially making the card cost-effective.

Aldi Talk                                               Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

  • Aldi’s Budget-Friendly Alternative:

Aldi Talk operates on the O2 network, making it a suitable choice for urban residents. While O2 excels in urban areas, it may have less extensive coverage in rural regions. Aldi Talk offers prepaid plans similar to Lidl Connect, making it a viable alternative for cost-conscious customers.

  • Plan Options:
    1. Paket S Plan: For 8.99 euros every four weeks, you get unlimited calls, texts, and 6 GB of data, including 5G access.
    2. Paket L Plan: If you require more data, the largest plan, Paket L, offers a generous 20 GB of data for 19.99 euros. Just like Lidl Connect, Aldi Talk’s SIM card costs 9.99 euros and includes a 10-euro balance, essentially making the card cost-effective.

Bonus: SIMon Mobile – Best Value for Price            Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

  • Vodafone’s Sub-Brand Offering Unbeatable Value:

SIMon mobile, a sub-brand of Vodafone, competes with discounters by offering a postpaid contract with monthly cancellation options, ensuring flexibility for its users.

  • Data-Rich Basic Plan:

The provider’s basic plan is a standout, offering a generous 12 GB of data volume. Users can also benefit from the availability of an eSIM. With a fast 50 Mbit/s download speed in the 5G network, SIMon mobile provides double the data speed compared to most prepaid cards. This plan also includes unlimited calls and texts, all without any one-off fees.

  • Cost Structure

The cost structure is straightforward and varies based on whether you need a new German phone number or wish to keep your existing one. Options include adding 5 GB per month for an extra 3 euros each month or 15 GB per month for an extra 8 euros per month. These add-ons can be booked permanently or on a monthly basis, providing the flexibility to adjust your plan according to your needs.

  • Travel-Friendly Pause Option

A notable feature of SIMon mobile is the ability to pause your contract for up to 3 months. This feature is particularly convenient for travelers.

The Best Mobile Plans in Germany

While prepaid SIM cards are excellent for flexibility and cost savings, postpaid contracts and mobile plans come with their own sets of advantages, including premium features, data-rich packages, and international roaming options.

Telekom: Premium Quality and Coverage            Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

Telekom’s plans, although more expensive, deliver top-notch quality and extensive coverage. They rely on the D1-Netz network, known for its historical state ownership and wide-reaching coverage. Telekom plans offer 5G mobile internet, unlimited data, and free EU, UK, and Switzerland roaming. Young expats under 28 enjoy discounted tariffs, beginning at €19.99.

Vodafone: Network Size and Features                  Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

As Germany’s second-largest network on the D2-Netz network, Vodafone offers excellent data speeds and comprehensive coverage. Vodafone provides an app and some customer service in English. You can also pick favored apps and use them without data restrictions. Typical Vodafone plans include 5G data and free EU and UK roaming. Customers under 28 benefit from discounted tariffs, starting at €24.99.

O2: Affordability with Data Richness              Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

O2, the third-largest mobile provider, emphasizes affordability and generous data allowances. It operates on the E-Netz network, making it a smart choice for urban areas, particularly in larger cities. While rural coverage may be lacking, O2 plans feature 5G data, unlimited data, flexible contract durations (12 or 24 months), and free EU and UK roaming. Customers under 29 can enjoy discounted prices, starting at €19.99.

Features Telekom Vodafone O2
Postpaid No Yes Yes
Prepaid Yes Yes yes
Network D1-Netz D2-Netz E-Netz
Coverage Excellent Good Varies
Data Speed Excellent Excellent Excellent
Roaming EU, UK, Switzerland EU, UK EU, UK
5G Data Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Data Yes No Yes
Discounted Tariffs for <28 Yes Yes Yes
Tariff Prices Starting at €19.99 Starting at €24.99 Starting at €19.99
Offers  9.95 EUR (regular & data-only) 9.95 EUR 10 EUR (regular) or 69.99 EUR (data-only)

Top Postpaid Plans in Germany

For those seeking the benefits of postpaid plans, the following options are worth considering.

WinSim: Budget-Friendly and Flexible            Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

WinSim offers affordable and flexible plans, making it an excellent choice for urban residents. It operates on the O2 network.

SIMon Mobile: Data-Rich with Vodafone Coverage

SIMon Mobile provides a robust postpaid plan with 10GB of data for €8.99, offering the option to add 5GB without changing your German phone number. With Vodafone’s extensive network, you can enjoy high-quality coverage.

Lebara: Versatile Data Plans                               Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Plans in Germany

Lebara’s HELLO! Flex postpaid plan starts at €9.99 and offers a wide range of data options. It has good coverage, especially in cities, courtesy of the O2 network.

In conclusion, selecting the right mobile plan in Germany requires a thorough understanding of your usage patterns and priorities. Whether you opt for the flexibility of prepaid SIM cards, the comprehensive features of mobile contracts, or the best of both worlds with postpaid plans, you’re sure to find a suitable option among the top contenders in each category. Choose wisely, and enjoy seamless connectivity during your time in Germany.

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