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Prepare for TOEFL Exam: Everything You Need To Know

Prepare for TOEFL Exam: Everything You Need To Know

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), administered by ETS, is one of the English language exams that foreign universities and colleges recognize as being the most reliable. Students prepare for TOEFL to learn to use English more effectively in everyday situations, such as at work or university, especially when students want to study abroad. There is no set minimum or maximum for the number of practice exams required. Be determined until you consistently achieve your minimum score (or even your ideal score). There’s no denying that you’ll succeed on the TOEFL if you practice consistently and carefully. The preparation for TOEFL takes 2-3 months to achieve a moderately good score which is 80-90. The maximum score is 120. Once you’ve done the preparation, go and take the test! Recall your diligent labor. Relax and Be Confident.

When, Where, and How to Apply for TOEFL?

When to apply: – A minimum of two to three months before the first university registration deadline, applicants who plan to take the TOEFL must complete their TOEFL registration. This would give applicants plenty of time to have their test results transmitted to the colleges of their choice. Then, start the preparation for TOEFL as soon as possible.
Where to apply: – Candidates must create or log into their ETS accounts on the official ETS TOEFL website to register for the exam. They would then have to proceed with registering for the TOEFL exam.                                                                                                              How to apply:- Candidates must choose their preferred TOEFL exam date and the TOEFL test location that is closest to them before proceeding with the TOEFL registration procedure. Additionally, candidates would have to pay a US$195 registration fee for the TOEFL.

Key points to remember for TOEFL:

  1. Get a proper study guide and understand the TOEFL format

If you want to take the TOEFL, it is very important to first get familiar with the TOEFL format. Try to practice note-based study habits. Check out the official TOEFL website to find information on the test format, and try to find the answers to your questions and locate your testing centers

  2. Proper routine

The TOEFL exam preparation process cannot be completed in a single day. Depending on their level of English, candidates must begin their TOEFL preparation months in advance. Good TOEFL exam preparation would result in good TOEFL scores.  Follow a schedule to practice most of the required skills.

  3. Start to increase your Vocabulary

A crucial component of any English test is vocabulary. Therefore, it’s important that candidates understand a balance of difficult and simple phrases as well as how to use them. Candidates will be more effective and leave less opportunity for error if they have a good vocabulary.  Improve English speaking skills outside the study materials too.

  4. Importance of ‘QWERTY’

TOEFL needs ‘QWERTY’- keyboard-based writing skills. It is a compulsory practice you should add to your schedule.

  5. Focal point- Time

Time is the key to achieving the target. Regular practice of time-based writing is mandated. Like every exam time management is essential here as well. Learn to pace yourself and, when required, make intelligent estimates.

  6. TOEFL Practice Test

The official ETS website is sole and most important for candidates to obtain TOEFL study materials. A tool for self-evaluation is completing TOEFL practice tests. Students can score themselves, pinpoint areas that require improvement, and, most importantly, get ready for the TOEFL test day by solving sample TOEFL exam questions that are provided on the official website. Using sample tests from past years to practice with is essential since it enables applicants to estimate how long it will take them to complete each question and which questions are to be tackled first. After completing those sample papers, candidates’ performance will certainly improve.

  7. Keep account of previous mistakes made

A study plan needs to be dedicated to and adhered to. Similarly to this, a candidate who wants to advance must recognize his weaknesses and fight to make them his strengths. As a result, in addition to commitment, applicants must keep track of all the areas where they may improve and aim to enhance their performance on the TOEFL as a whole.

Exam Pattern of TOEFL

  • Paper-Based (Written)

        Listening – 50 Questions (30-40 minutes)
        Writing – 40 Questions (25 minutes)
        Reading – 50 Questions (55 minutes)
        Test of Written English – 1 Essay (30 minutes)

  • Computer-Based (Online)

         Reading – 36-56 Questions (60-80 minutes)
         Listening – 34-51 Questions (60-90 minutes)
         Speaking – 6 Tasks (20 minutes)
         Writing – 2 Essays (50 minutes)

Some Additional points for TOEFL:

  1. Focus on time management to not lose concentration while solving any section.
  2. Take a moment or two to gather your thoughts before beginning the Reading section.
  3. You only have 20 minutes to complete the writing portion. Although they might seem sufficient, they are merely enough to check your essay once. So be quick!
  4. The Speaking and Listening sections require intense concentration. You will need to pay close attention because the accompanying headphones won’t be noise-canceling ones.

A successful TOEFL score is the product of careful planning. People who have previously taken the TOEFL exam can take it with little preparation. It is generally advised for applicants with less experience to study before scheduling a TOEFL test session. Others may need more time or less time, however, some test takers can properly prepare for their TOEFL exam in two to three months. Therefore, there is no set time restriction. It’s recommended that applicants only reserve their TOEFL test dates after adequately preparing for the exam. You may prepare for your TOEFL test, handle it with ease, and ace it like a pro by using the following tried-and-true methods.

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