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Shopping and Bargaining in Germany: Tips for American Expats

Shopping and Bargaining in Germany: Tips for American Expats

When people from other countries move to Germany, they’ll discover a variety of excellent products. Whether they’re made locally or come from different places globally, you can easily find them here. Let’s explore the Shopping and Bargaining in Germany.

    • Unlike the United States, Germany doesn’t have as many malls, but you can still find them in most cities, along with shopping centers. Additionally, there are several large stores, like IKEA for furniture, Baumarkt for building materials, etc.
    • Most of these stores offer home delivery and online shopping options. In city centers, you’ll find plenty of shops for your everyday needs, and they’re easy to reach by public transport, walking, or cycling.
    • When shopping in Germany, expats might notice that only a handful of grocery stores accept credit cards. Additionally, you’ll need to pay a one-euro deposit for a shopping cart, but you get it back when you return the cart.

Tips for shopping and bargaining in Germany

    • Bring your own reusable bags: In Germany, the use of single-use plastic bags is discouraged.
    • Queue properly: In Germany, queuing properly is highly important.
    • Follow opening hours.
    • Coin deposit for shopping carts.

Is it OK to bargain in Germany?

    • In Germany, the cultural approach to negotiations reflects a meticulous and detail-oriented mindset. Unlike some other cultures where bargaining is a customary practice, Germans generally engage in a thorough preparation process before entering negotiations. Prior to the negotiation table, comprehensive research and data collection are conducted to gather all relevant details pertaining to the deal at hand.
    • Furthermore, the German negotiation style emphasizes a structured and organized approach to determining the acceptable price range. Rather than engaging in prolonged bargaining sessions, the focus is on sorting out and clarifying all aspects of the deal in advance. This involves a careful analysis of the costs involved, profit margins, and other financial considerations, ensuring that negotiators are well-informed and well-prepared.
    • By thoroughly understanding the parameters of the deal beforehand, Germans aim to foster a transparent and collaborative negotiating environment, with the goal of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement based on a solid foundation of information and analysis.
    • Germany is well known for its discount superstores. Basic foods, fresh fruit, vegetables, wine, and beer are much cheaper at these supermarkets than general grocery stores.

Things to Buy From Germany: Traditional German Gifts

1.German clocks

German clocks are super cool and make great souvenirs from Germany!. Another really cool item on the list of traditional German gifts is the iconic clock.


I have honestly never seen a brubaker before I visited Germany. This is definitely one of the traditional German gifts that is extremely popular and really really cute.

The cheapest supermarkets in Germany


Aldi, Lidl, and Netto are highly regarded as the best discount stores in Germany

Best supermarkets in Germany


Edeka, Rewe, and Kaufland are some of the major supermarkets in Germany, providing a convenient one-stop shopping experience.


In conclusion, shopping in Germany offers a diverse range of products and experiences for American expats. From navigating unique practices like coin deposits for shopping carts to understanding German shopping culture enhances the expatriate experience. Additionally, with a focus on preparation and a structured negotiation style, Germans approach deals with meticulous attention to detail, fostering transparent and mutually beneficial agreements. For expats, adapting to shopping norms and exploring traditional German gifts adds a touch of cultural immersion to their time in Germany.

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