Study Music at German University

Study Music at German University

Ambitious students from all fields of study are drawn to German educational institutions on a global scale. Due to the fact that German universities provide the ideal skill set for success, which fortunately includes both the practical and theoretical aspects of the study, studying music at a German university can be a wise decision.

Music at German University
Music at German University

In addition to engineering, Germany is renowned for offering a wide range of other academic programs, such as business schools, medical schools, humanities, and, well, the arts. However, studying music in Germany can be a good choice. We have compiled the whole information in this article for studying music in Germany.

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How To Study Music at German University

You’ll need to demonstrate your artistic abilities to gain admission to a German music college. Anywhere you apply for a degree relating to music, this is one of the key requirements for admission. You will have a lot of leeways to organize your course of study in any way you like when pursuing a music degree. In essence, this indicates that you can select your degree program based on how well you are informed about the subject matter you want to pursue.

Universities offering Degree in Music

Germany has some world-class music universities. If you are a music lover and you are searching for a college to get a degree in music, Germany can be the best choice. Here is the list of some universities offering music degrees:

Requirements to Study Music at German University

German colleges have stringent entrance requirements, and some even have Numerus Clauses, which place further limits on admittance. Hence admission can be a little difficult task. The following are the general requirements for admission:

    • English Proficiency Test Score
    • Proficiency in the German language (On basis of the programming language)
    • Written test or Audition
    • Visa, Residence Permit, Proof of Financial Resources
    • Show-Musical Motivation
    • Aptitude test
    • Written test and audition
    • Basic practical or theoretical knowledge of the Specific Field of Study

Tuition Fee

There are no tuition fees associated with attending any of the state-funded music universities or academies in Germany. The only cost is a semestral administrative fee, which normally ranges from 100 to 350 EUR per semester. While the public universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg are an exception; they have reinstated tuition costs, with students from outside the EU often required to pay no more than 3,000 EUR/year.

Being a student of music at a German University means being a part of a scene that has produced some of the best composers and artists. You’ll get to reside in a setting that is incredibly cultural and populated by music lovers and can earn upto 60 to 100 EUR/hour. You will have the opportunity to advance professionally as well as personally, discover other cultures, and eventually make a living doing what you love.

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