merz akademie stuttgart hoch

This tag contains all the information regarding merz akademie stuttgart hoch. Merz Akademie is a non-profit private art, design, and media university in Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded in 1985 and is located in the Berg Kulturpark. The Merz Akademie is especially committed to the process of reciprocal interchange between design, technology, art, and scholarship, therefore creating a platform for study and creative activity that speaks to both artists and designers as well as humanities academics. Currently, there are 500 students enrolled.

The Merz Akademie’s aesthetic practices in design, art, cinema and new media don’t only treat existing information; they create it as their own medium and formal conditions in the sense of creative study. The Merz Akademie periodically displays the results of its work through initiatives, exhibits, conferences, and publications, thereby contributing to public cultural life. Moreover, Stuttgart universities are regarded for their teaching quality, and students will undoubtedly be exposed to cutting-edge technology thanks to their world-class facilities and equipment.

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