Quadriga Hochschule Berlin

This tag contains all the information regarding Quadriga Hochschule Berlin. Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin is a private university specializing in management in communication, politics and public affairs, human resources, sales, marketing, organizational development, and digital transformation. The Senator Department for Education, Science, and Research of the State of Berlin formally acknowledged the university on July 9, 2009. There are now 100 students, with 6% of them being international students.

Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin implies increasing your professional and leadership abilities. As an application-oriented university in Germany’s most appealing innovation and political center, you will also benefit from our strong network of lecturers, advisory boards, mentors, and collaboration with organizations from Berlin’s political and economic sectors, as well as its innovative start-up scene. The university also promises excellent professional progress through practical and future-oriented teaching, flexible design choices for content, location, course, and course funding, and a unique network.

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