rwth aachen business school placements

RWTH Aachen Business School Placements

In 2016, RWTH Aachen Business School was established as a division of RWTH International Academy. It brings together the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University’s postgraduate programs. University is located in the heart of RWTH Aachen University, Germany’s top integrated, multidisciplinary university of technology and real technical powerhouse. It is a public (non-profit) associated academy of Germany’s largest technical institution, RWTH Aachen University. More than 10.8% of the students at the school are from other countries.

RWTH Business School provides programs aimed at training entrepreneurs and business executives who can turn emerging technology into financially viable and socially acceptable business models. International courses such as:

  • Technology Management Executive MBA
  • Digitalization & Industrial Change Full-Time MBA
  • Technology, Innovation, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship M.Sc. Management & Engineering
  • Data Analytics and Decision Science (M.Sc.)
  • Customized Programs

    Jobs and Internships

    Students might work at the university as assistants. They can also work part-time outside of the institution at adjacent businesses, shops, and phone centers. They can also work for companies like Mercedes-Benz AG, Utimaco, and INTRAVIS GmbH to make money.

    Housing and Accommodation

    The university does not provide any type of housing. The sort of person you are and how you manage your finances will determine whether you find Aachen to be pricey or not. The typical monthly housing charge for shared accommodation can range from €120 to €500.

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