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Videx Form Germany

Videx Form Germany

VIDEX form is very important, when it comes to apply for the visa in Germany. For the students who are applying for the visa for educational purposes, It contains all the personal information and college details. The same information that is  filled in the Videx form is required for the application of the visa. Therefore, the Videx form need to be filled very carefully.

Videx Form is of two types:

  • For short-term visa (Schengen Visa)
  • For Long-term visa.

Videx form for Schengen Visa is for short-term visas, intended for stays of up to 90 days within the Schengen states (Schengen visa). It is important to note that this VIDEX form cannot facilitate visa applications for extended stays in Germany, such as those for study, work, or family reunion purposes. However, an exception is granted for diplomats assigned to Germany for durations exceeding three months. In such instances, applicants are advised to specify a stay period of up to three months from the intended date of entry in the application.

If you are the student going to the Germany for the educational purposes, then you can apply for the Videx form for the long term visa, which is intended for the states from 6 months to 12 months.

Steps to fill the Videx Form:

1. Applicant’s Personal Data:

In this part of the form, you have to fill your Personal Details such as Name, Family name i.e. Surname, Your Date of birth, Place of Birth, Country of Birth, Sex, Nationality, Etc.

2. Parents of the applicant:

In this part, you will have to fill your parent’s information i.e. Father and Mother.

3. Occupation:

In this part of the form, you will have to fill the details of your occupation.

4. Contact Details:

In this part of the form, you will have to share your address, phone number and email.

5. Identification Papers:

In this part of the form, you will have to share the Travel Documents. You will have to select the type of travel document, travel document number, for example you selected the travel document as ordinary passport then the travel document number will be your passport number. Then, fill the date of issue, its validity, and issuing authority (for example: RPO).

6. Travel data and purpose:

Here, in this part you will have to clarify the purpose of stay in the Federal Republic of Germany and duration of the stay.

7. Reference:

In this part, you have to select the type of reference, name of educational establishment or company or organisation, and other related details. If you have the admit letter from the family member, then you will have to fill the details such as address, phone number, email of that particular person as well.

8. Means of support and details regarding the stay

In this part of the form, you will have to specify the means of support and details regarding the stay, Such postal address, nature of accomodations, details about the previous stays.

9. Declaration:

here, you will have to fill the details, if you have even been convicted in Germany, or have been expelled or deported from the Germany, or had an application for residence permit rejected or have been refused entry in to the Germany. Additionally, if you suffer from any of the deceases such as smallpox, poliomyelitis, influenza, SARS, Cholera, Plague, Yellow Fever, etc. you will have to specify here.

After filling all the above details select on continue, and the tabular form will be presented, in which all the details you specified earlier will appear. you will have to sign the form and the videx filling will be completed and you can now submit it to get the visa.

Important Documents:

    • Your travel Document
    • your travel or flight schedule
    • an address in Germany
    • hotel reservation, if applicable
    • letter of invitation, if applicable

Steps to File Schengen visa application at Visa Application Centre

  • Step 1: Gather the necessary documentation for your visa application. Such as, Airport Transit, tourism, internship and training or family and friends visit.
  • Step 2: After that, fill the online application form with all the necessary documents, The form is to be filled in the Videx Format.
  • Step 3: You will have to Schedule an appointment for the submission of your visa application and submit it at the nearest Visa Application Centre.


The VIDEX form plays a crucial role in visa applications for Germany, particularly for students seeking educational opportunities. Whether applying for short-term Schengen visas or long-term stays, meticulous completion of the VIDEX form is imperative. The form requires comprehensive personal, familial, occupational, contact, travel, and reference details. Additionally, applicants must declare any relevant legal or health information. Following the step-by-step instructions for filling out the form ensures accuracy and completeness. Once filled, the form is submitted alongside essential documents for visa processing. Understanding and adhering to the VIDEX form requirements streamline the visa application process, facilitating smoother entry into Germany for various purposes.

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