Weird Things That Are Illegal in Germany

Weird Things That Are Illegal in Germany

Germany is known for its rich culture, history, and strict laws. However, some of these laws may seem quite peculiar to foreigners. Here are a few weird things that are illegal in Germany:

1. Addressing a Police Officer Informally

In Germany, you must never address a police officer informally. German has both formal (“Sie”) and informal (“du”) ways of speaking, and when it comes to police officers, using the informal “du” can result in legal penalties. It is crucial to always use the formal “Sie” when speaking to law enforcement to avoid any trouble.

2. Keeping an Urn at Home

It is illegal to keep an urn at home in Germany. Whether it’s the remains of your grandparents, a beloved pet, or anyone else, German law requires that urns be kept in designated places like cemeteries. This might be unusual for people from cultures where keeping urns at home is a common practice, but in Germany, it’s a strict no-go.

3. Washing Your Car at Home

Washing your car at home is also prohibited in Germany. This regulation is in place for environmental protection. Authorities want to prevent the runoff water, which may contain harmful chemicals, from seeping into the water system and causing pollution. Instead, you are required to use designated car washes that have proper facilities to handle and treat the wastewater.

These laws, while seemingly odd, reflect Germany’s emphasis on formality, respect for the deceased, and environmental conservation. It’s essential for residents and visitors to be aware of and comply with these regulations to avoid any legal issues.

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