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Where to buy sim card in Hamburg?

Where to buy sim card in Hamburg?

In Hamburg, buying a SIM card is not difficult. If you are traveling, be careful to look for SIM cards at the airport. The majority of German airports include shops or vending machines where customers may purchase sim cards. SIM cards may be purchased outside of the airport in supermarkets and convenience stores as well as specialized “Handy” outlets.
Buy sim card in Hamburg
Buy sim card in Hamburg

Major Service Providers in Hamburg

In Germany, there are three main network providers, and a huge number of companies resell their services:

  1. The finest network is usually regarded to be that of Deutsche Telekom, previously T-Mobile. It provides the freest Wi-Fi hotspot spots and has the finest LTE availability. Congstar, ja!mobile, and Lebara Mobile are a few resellers.
  2. Vodafone’s network is virtually as good as that of Deutsche Telekom, and it offers roaming in all EU/EEA nations (with the exception of Switzerland) at German prices. Fyve, Otelo, and Lycamobile are a few resellers.
  3. Although o2 has the smallest network, it is the only one that offers 3G/HSPA+ and LTE speeds over the whole Berlin U-Bahn system. It’s advantageous if you want to use public transportation frequently because it includes subways. ALDI Talk, WhatsApp, NettoKOM, and Ortel are a few of the resellers.

Where can I get a sim card in Hamburg?

In Germany, getting a SIM card is a simple process. In Germany, you have the option of purchasing and activating a SIM card online or offline. You may purchase a Sim Card in Hamburg from a nearby Handy store, where you can compare the available alternatives and rates. Numerous operators have varied retail locations, including Lebara Mobil, ALDI Talk, and LIDL Connect in:

    • Telekom Shop- at Mönckebergstr Hamburg
    • Vodafone Shop- at Jungfernstieg Hamburg
    • Handyshop- at Beim Strohhause Hamburg
    • o2 Shop- at PERLE Spitalerstraße Hamburg
    • BASE Shope- at Versmannhaus Hamburg(A 2-min walk from the Hamburg Rathaus)

For registration of a sim card in Hamburg, you’ll need your passport and a German address. Utilizing the one at your hotel or hostel is the simplest choice. Purchasing the sim card and setting it up were both really simple and pleasant processes. Additionally, the card would take 20 minutes to activate, yet occasionally it connected in just 5 minutes. Some firms promise activation times of up to two hours.

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