Whit Monday

Whit Monday

Whit Monday, often referred to as Pentecost Monday, is a national holiday observed in several nations on the Monday following Whitsunday. Whitsunday, which is often referred to as Pentecost or Whitsun, is observed fifty days (or around seven weeks) after Easter and ten days after Ascension. The Easter cycle, which started on Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent 90 days ago, comes to a close with this event.

Historical relevance

Whit Monday, celebrated on May 16th this year, follows Whit Sunday, occurring on the seventh Sunday after Easter. It’s a religious festival in Europe, marking the “Day of the Holy Spirit” and honouring God the Holy Spirit. Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit inspired the disciples, is its origin, commemorating the church’s founding. It’s also a popular day for baptisms.

What Do Individuals Do on Whit Monday?

    • Pentecost traditionally observed with a full week of church-based festivities
    • Holiday on the Monday after Pentecost Sunday
    • In Germany, various regional and local traditions for celebrating the Second Day of Pentecost
    • Night of unrest, also known as Unruhnacht or Bosheitsnacht, occurs between Pentecost and Pentecost Monday
    • Belief that bad spirits were active on this night and would steal unsecured belongings
    • Young people impersonate malevolent spirits, moving items to other properties in some regions
    • Young males attach birch branches to the homes of young women they wish to marry.

 Fulfillment in 2023 and 2024

2023 Mon 29 May Whit Monday Christmas, a national holiday
2024 Mon 20 May Whit Monday Christmas, a national holiday

German Society on Whit Monday

    • Virgin Mary figure carried by traditionally dressed women on Whit Monday in Rosenthal, eastern Germany
    • Catholic Sorbs, a Slavic minority, conduct prayers in outlying churches in a dozen locations
    • The pilgrimage concludes with an outdoor mass in a field, led by young women carrying a wooden statue of Mary from 1480
    • Tradition commemorates Whit Monday, the day after Whitsun or Pentecost
    • Whitsun occurs seven weeks after Easter Sunday
    • Believed to be the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples.

Whit Monday: Is it a Public Holiday?

It’s a holiday on Whit Monday. Public holiday closures affect the majority of businesses and schools.

In conclusion, It is a cherished tradition involving the veneration of a centuries-old Virgin Mary statue. This event unites the Catholic Sorbs in prayer and culminates in an outdoor mass, serving as a poignant reminder of the significance, marking the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples.

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