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10 Must-See German Films and Series to Boost Your Language Skills

10 Must-See German Films and Series to Boost Your Language Skills

Are you looking for an enjoyable way to enhance your German language skills? Watching German-language movies and series can be both fun and educational, offering insights into the historical and cultural nuances of German-speaking countries. Here’s 10 Must-See German Films and Series to Boost Your Language Skills with a curated list of five series and five films to help you on your language-learning journey.


1. Sam: A Saxon

    • Platform: Disney +
    • Synopsis: Explore the life of Samuel Mefirre, East Germany’s first Black policeman, in this gripping series. Uncover the challenges he faced, the racism in his homeland, and the impact of fame. Based on a true story, “Sam: A Saxon” offers a unique perspective on post-Berlin Wall Germany.

2. The Empress

    • Platform: Netflix
    • Synopsis: Immerse yourself in this 6-part period piece portraying the rebellious Bavarian duchess Elisabeth and her journey to becoming the Austrian Empress. With echoes of shows like Bridgerton and The Crown, “The Empress” promises intrigue and drama set against the backdrop of European royalty.

3. Babylon Berlin

    • Platform: Sky
    • Synopsis: Step into the gritty underworld and tense politics of 1920s Berlin with this series. Follow police inspector Gereon Rath as he unravels criminal conspiracies, navigating a city filled with its own demons. If you enjoy historical dramas with an edge, “Babylon Berlin” is a must-watch.

4. Charité

    • Platform: Netflix
    • Synopsis: Centered around Berlin’s renowned Charité research hospital, this series spans three time periods (1880s, 1940s, and 1960s). Offering a character-driven narrative, “Charité” provides drama, historical context, and a glimpse into medical challenges faced by the hospital’s doctors.

5. Der Bergdoktor

    • Platform: ZDF
    • Synopsis: Join Dr. Martin Gruber in this present-day Austrian medical drama set in the Tyrolean countryside. With picturesque landscapes and 16 seasons to explore, “Der Bergdoktor” is a comforting show that doubles as an introduction to the Austrian dialect.


1. Victoria

    • Platform: Netflix
    • Synopsis: Experience one chaotic night in Berlin with “Victoria.” Shot entirely in one take, this film follows the titular character as she befriends locals outside a nightclub, leading to unforeseen consequences. Ideal for language beginners, it offers a thrilling narrative and impressive cinematography.

2. Goodbye Lenin

    • Platform: Netflix
    • Synopsis: A German classic, “Goodbye Lenin” is a tragicomedy set in East Berlin. Navigate the humorous challenges faced by Alex as he conceals the fall of communism from his socialist mother, awakening themes of Ostalgie (nostalgia for East Germany).

3. Der Untergang (Downfall)

    • Platform: Amazon Prime Video
    • Synopsis: Oscar-nominated “Downfall” delves into Hitler’s last days during the Battle of Berlin. With brilliant performances, the film explores the dictator’s psychological state and the disastrous consequences of his decisions.

4. Der Sandmann

    • Platform: Amazon Prime Video
    • Synopsis: Join Benno on a surreal journey in this Swiss romantic comedy. As he mysteriously turns into sand, his connection with the aspiring singer Sandra becomes crucial. “Der Sandmann” promises laughs and an enjoyable immersion into Swiss German.

5. Schwarze Adler

    • Platform: Amazon Prime Video
    • Synopsis: Explore the world of German football in the documentary “Schwarze Adler” (Black Eagles). Released in 2021, it sheds light on the experiences of Black footballers, highlighting the ongoing issue of racism in both sport and German society.

Remember, whether you’re into series or films, each selection offers a unique opportunity to improve your German language skills. Happy watching!

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