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Everything that changes in Germany in 2024

Everything that changes in Germany in 2024

The year 2024 holds significant changes for Germany, encompassing various aspects of life. From tax reforms to legal adjustments, and even exciting developments in sports, here’s a detailed preview of what to expect on Everything that changes in Germany in 2024.

1. Tax and Benefits Reforms

The German tax landscape is set to undergo substantial changes. The tax authorities plan to increase the tax-free income threshold by almost €700, accompanied by a rise in Kinderfreibetrag (Children’s tax exemption) of over €350. The ‘Solidarity Tax’ burden will decrease for many, thanks to an exemption threshold boost of nearly €600. Parents on maternity leave will experience a reduction in Elterngeld, dropping to €200,000 in 2024 and further decreasing to €175,000 the following year. The authorities expect to end energy price caps at the beginning of 2024.

2. Property Market Challenges

In 2024, the property market in Germany is poised to face challenges with increasing rents and a shortage of available properties. Analysts suggest a potential market recovery, though likely not before the final quarter of the year.

3. Dual Citizenship Expansion

A significant development is the expected passage of Germany’s new citizenship law in 2024. If approved, non-EU nationals seeking German citizenship will be granted the privilege of dual citizenship after five years. This marks a significant reduction from the current waiting period of eight years.

4. Legal Changes and Euro 2024

Germany contemplates a revised two-stage plan for the legalization of recreational cannabis, potentially passing in April 2024. Additionally, changes to immigration laws grant skilled workers from non-EU countries an ‘Opportunity Card.Euro 2024 brings excitement as Germany hosts the European Football Championships.

5. Bottle Deposit System Expansion

Starting January 1st, the deposit system expands to include previously deposit-free milk products in one-way plastic bottles. Supermarkets aim to reduce non-returnable bottle sales, encouraging recycling through the ‘Pfand’ logo.

6. VAT Increase in Cafes and Restaurants

In 2024, the German government plans to increase VAT back to 19 percent from seven percent to counter inflation due to the energy crisis. This increase will result in meals at cafes and restaurants becoming more expensive.

7. Expanded Travel Options

Travel enthusiasts can rejoice as new train and plane routes connect Germany to neighboring countries. Sleeper services present a sustainable alternative to short-distance flights. Moreover, new flight routes to Canada and the United States are scheduled to commence.

8. Public Holidays Galore

Germany will observe numerous public holidays in 2024, with Augsburg in Bavaria enjoying the most scheduled holidays, both religious and secular.

As Germany steps into 2024, these anticipated changes promise a dynamic landscape, touching on aspects ranging from finances to travel, making it a year of transition and adaptation. Keep yourself informed and prepare for the transformations ahead.

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