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10 Things You Should Never Do in Germany as a Student

10 Things You Should Never Do in Germany as a Student

Most international students opt to study in Germany because of the country’s excellent reputation and educational standards. Additionally, the nation offers several amenities at a reasonable cost for students. But there are several things that overseas students should and shouldn’t do while studying in Germany. The 10 things you should never do in Germany as a student are all included in this post.

10 Things You Should Never Do in Germany as a Student
10 Things You Should Never Do in Germany as a Student

1. Respect the cuisine and culture

When it comes to cuisine and cultural variety, Germany has a lot to offer. It’s crucial to have fun and participate in German events and holidays like Oktoberfest, Karneval, etc. if you want to have a good time while earning your degree there. Beer and partying are popular among Germans. Additionally, they are well renowned for their cuisine, which includes a variety of bread and cheese, cakes, pastries, and bratwurst. Therefore, don’t denigrate their cuisine or culture just because it differs from your own.

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2. Don’t believe in misconceptions

The most common misconception about Germans is that they are rude or harsh to others. However, in reality, most Germans take some time to get to know you, they don’t mince words, and it takes some time for them to warm up to you enough to offer you a hug whenever they see you. Don’t believe the preconceptions, and allow them time to get to know one another.

3. Be on time

Keep in mind that being late is one of the things you should never do in Germany since it is seen as impolite and disrespectful. You should phone or text the person you’re meeting if you’re going to be late to let them know. If you don’t and then proceed to arrive late without a valid excuse, it may be an issue.

4. Don’t overlook the value of your education

The majority of universities believe that it is their duty to see that you finish your degree in each country. It’s not the case, though, in German universities. They won’t ask why you missed class if you don’t show up or don’t turn in your assignments on time. You’ll perform well if you don’t take your education for granted.

5. Don’t Forget to Bring Cash

Germans still prefer making cash payments, even if a society without currency may not be far off in places like Sweden. Don’t expect that credit/debit cards will be accepted everywhere because credit/debit card acceptance is widely declining in Germany.

6. Never salute the Nazi flag

Never giving the Nazi salute is the most crucial rule among the things you should never do in Germany. It is forbidden to display the Nazi salute or any other Nazi emblem, flag, or catchphrase. Not only is it deemed insulting, but it is also forbidden. If you are found by the authorities breaking any of these restrictions, you might face penalties and up to 8 years in prison.

7. Avoid jaywalking

Even when there are no automobiles on the road, you’ll see that most pedestrians in German cities calmly wait for the traffic signals to turn green. Crossing the street against the light will result in a €5 fine and harsh comments from other pedestrians who won’t hold back in informing you of the traffic laws.

8. Don’t Work Under the Table

While studying in Germany, you are permitted to work, but there are restrictions on how many hours you may work that is outlined in your visa. For the duration of the semester, you are permitted to work 20 hours per week. Do not work more than that or unofficially since you risk being expelled from the country if the government or your university discovers out.

9. Do not discard your water bottle in the trash

Don’t throw your water bottle in the trash is the next item on the list of things you should never do in Germany. In Germany, you pay 25 cents extra when buying a water bottle than what is stated on the bottle. If you bring the empty bottle back to the store, you’ll get your 25 cents back. To ensure that you return the bottle for recycling, this is done.

10. Never wear shoes inside a local’s home

Verify if entering with your shoes on is permitted if you have been invited to a local’s home. The majority of Germans always remove their shoes at the door before entering the home. Therefore, whether you are visiting a friend or family member, you should also follow this advice.

In Germany, it is not sufficient to know a few words of the German language. Equally important is understanding their culture. It doesn’t hurt to go the additional mile to ensure you don’t break any rules or neglect any customs that might get you into trouble. For this reason, if you don’t want to disturb anyone, these are the 10 Things Students Should Never Do in Germany.

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