4-day-work week opposed

German Employees in Opposition to 4-Day-Work Week

The majority of people living in Germany shared their opinions, on how they find a 4-day work week unnecessary.

The compulsory five-day work week model of most organizations are going under trial to ensure work-life balance. According to surveys, this 4-day work model enhances this balance and reduces stress.

55% of people in Germany contributed negative reactions to the 4-day work culture even with full pay. 

How did the survey go?

The environmentalist ‘Green Party’ backed this model with 69% votes in favor and 29% against.

Whereas the Democratic Republic of Germany opposed the model with 62% votes and 54% in contrast.

The survey typically shows the varied opinions of workers throughout the country.

Only 25% of the Free Democrats (FDP) found this model necessary. This whole opinion took a political turn when the supporting wing of center-left Social Democrats (SPD) of Chancellor Olaf Scholz voted 53% against the model.

The outlook of the matter lies in whether the model will provide a reduced stressful life or take a political side in the business of the country.

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