7 Unavoidable events in Germany this July: News for students

7 Unavoidable Events in Germany this July: News for Students

Germany buzzes with exciting activities in July, offering a jam-packed schedule of events. From fast-paced funfairs to medieval pageants, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular seasons to travel to Germany is summer. Most of the time, the weather is perfect, and festivities are in full swing. Be aware that hotels and attractions will reach their peak prices, and cities may approach full capacity as this is a popular season for visiting Germany. Investigating smaller towns and outdoor activities now can be a smart idea.

7 Unavoidable Events in Germany this July

   1. Until August 8th: Burgfestspiele in Bad Vilbel, Hessen

      • Burgfestspiele is an annual open-air theatre event held in Bad Vilbel, Hesse, near Frankfurt am Main.
      • The festival has been running since May but July is considered the best month to attend.
      • The performances take place in the historic Burgfestspiele Castle, which dates back to the 12th century.
      • The festival offers a diverse range of performances, including classical, contemporary, innovative, and experimental plays.
      • The unique setting of the castle adds to the charm and ambience of the event.
      • The Burgfestspiele in Bad Vilbel offers more than just theatrical performances.
      • It includes art exhibitions, workshops, and literary readings.
      • Attendees can explore visual art, participate in hands-on workshops, and enjoy literary presentations.
      • These additional events enhance the overall cultural experience of the festival.

   2. June 30th to July 2nd: Kreuzberg Festival, Berlin

      • The Kreuzberg Festival takes place for a single weekend in July in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood of Berlin’s Bergmannstrasse.
      • It is a lively event featuring live jazz music and vendors selling delicious food and handcrafted goods.
      • The festival has been running since 1994 and attracts jazz and culture enthusiasts from both Berlin and beyond.
      • Musicians from Germany and other countries perform on stages set up in the streets, which are temporarily closed to traffic.
      • One of the highlights of the festival is that it is completely free for attendees.

   3. June 30th to July 23rd: Landshuter Hochzeit, Bavaria

      • The Landshuter Hochzeit is a historical celebration held every four years in Landshut, Bavaria.
      • It commemorates the wedding of Princess Hedwig Jagiellon and Duke Georg the Rich in 1475.
      • The festival transforms the city into a medieval town, featuring parades, jousting contests, processions, competitions, and music performances.
      • The event draws tourists from around the world and lasts for several weeks.

  4. July 6th to 9th: Rudolstadt Festival, Thuringia

      • The Rudolstadt Festival is a prominent folk and world music event held annually in Rudolstadt, Thuringia.
      • Known for its politically engaged musicians, the festival focuses on themes of tolerance, feminism, and love.
      • Various stages and venues across the town provide a diverse musical experience.
      • In addition, to live performances, the festival offers workshops, discussions, exhibitions, and film screenings.

  5. July 22nd to July 30th: Libori, Paderborn

      • The Libori Festival in Paderborn is one of the oldest and largest folk festivals in Germany.
      • It takes place annually in the North Rhine-Westphalian city at the end of July.
      • The festival combines religious traditions with an international event and features a lively carnival and the cultural hub called the Liboriberg.
      • The Franz-Stock-Platz hosts various performances, including acrobatics, comedy, theatre, and puppet shows.
      • The town hall square transforms into a vibrant concert venue and dance floor.
      • In 836, the festival had its origins when they brought back the remains of St. Liborius to Paderborn.
      • It attracts up to 1.8 million visitors each year.
  6. July 14th to 23rd: Rheinkirmes, Düsseldorf
      • Rheinkirmes is a popular funfair held annually in Düsseldorf on the banks of the Rhine River.
      • The event features a bustling fairground with rides, games, food booths, and entertainment.
      • It is known for its lively atmosphere, sparkling lights, and historical significance.
      • The fair is closely associated with the St. Sebastianus Schützenverein, a marksmen’s organization with a long history in Düsseldorf.
      • The “Historic Procession” is a grand parade with traditional attire and marching bands.
      • Rheinkirmes takes place on July 23rd, coinciding with the feast day of St. Apollinaris.
      • The annual fireworks display is a major highlight of the festival.
      • It takes place on the final Friday of the event, which this year falls on July 21st.
      • The fireworks provide a spectacular finale to the Rheinkirmes festivities.

  7. July 23rd to 31st: Munich Opera Festival

      • It presents a diverse program of opera performances, ballet shows, and concerts.
      • The productions stand out for their innovation, grand sets, lavish costumes, and exceptional music.
      • The festival showcases a wide range of operatic works, from classics to contemporary and lesser-known pieces.
      • Performances take place at various venues in Munich, including the National Theatre, Prinzregententheater, and Cuvilliés Theatre.

The acclaimed Bavarian State Opera hosts the Munich Opera Festival, which has a robust schedule of opera, ballet, and concerts. The festival features a varied repertoire that ranges from well-loved classics to ground-breaking contemporary pieces with creative staging, gorgeous settings, and excellent musical interpretations. It is a highlight for both opera fans and culture vultures alike, held at prominent sites throughout Munich.

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