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Top must-have apps for Students in Germany

Top must-have apps for Students in Germany

With the popularity of Germany as a study destination rising by the day, foreign students are continuously on the lookout for effective strategies to adjust to life in Germany. With today’s technological breakthroughs, there has never been a better moment to readily adjust to living in different cities or nations. That is why we have produced a list of top must-have apps for Students in Germany that you will undoubtedly find handy.

German transport apps

    • DB Navigator:- This app, developed by national railway operator Deutsche Bahn, consolidates all of your German transportation alternatives into a single English-language location. The app allows you to identify trains, buy tickets, check platform numbers, and even see how crowded your transport will be. It also provides bus, S-Bahn, and U-Bahn information for the entire country.
    • BVG:- The BVG, Berlin’s official municipal transport authority, offers navigation information, tickets, and traffic updates for the German city.
    • Citymapper:- A popular transit planner for metropolitan regions throughout Europe and beyond, can help you make your way through Germany’s major cities. You may use it to purchase bus, rail, metro, and tram tickets.
    • Lime:- It is a platform for electric scooter sharing that operates in numerous German cities. Use their app to discover your nearest dockless e-scooter no matter where you are in Germany. The scooters are lightweight, contemporary, and simple to operate, providing inhabitants with an excellent option for traveling around the city.
    • nextbike:- Check out the nextbike app if you prefer a classic bicycle to a scooter. A bike-sharing network that allows you to borrow up to four bikes from over 60 German cities with a single account.
    • Share Now:- Use this app to hire a car in any of Germany’s cities. Simply submit your driver’s license, wait for approval, and get behind the wheel.

Food delivery Apps

  • HelloFresh:- HelloFresh, a Berlin-based firm, delivers ingredients for healthy, full meals right to your home. The app encourages a healthy diet and saves you time at the grocery store.
  • Lieferando:- You may use Lieferando to order excellent cuisine from a variety of local restaurants and cafés. You may use the app to find your favorite food, whether German or not, and then pick it up or have it delivered when it’s ready. You’ll never go hungry with over 29,000 eateries utilizing Lieferando.

Adopting green habits with apps like

    • Too Good To Go:- This simple platform might assist you in reducing food waste in your neighborhood. You’ll be able to connect with local cafés, restaurants, and bakeries to help keep some of that great food from being thrown out. It’s also good for saving money because the food is sold at a reduced price.
    • Good on You:- It assists you in making the most ethical decision for your German outfit. The app leverages professional research to help you understand how ‘green’ fashion products truly are by providing ratings based on sustainability.
    • Ecosia:- This Berlin-based search engine allows you to surf the web in a more environmentally friendly manner. Ecosia spends the proceeds from internet searches on the planting of trees all around the world. It is available for free as a browser extension.

Handle your finance with

    • Wise:- Do you want to send money internationally from your phone? Wise is the only name you need to know. You can effortlessly send money to and from Germany because we operate in 175 countries and 50 currencies.
    • N26:- You’ll be able to open an account and receive access to the bank’s financial products in minutes. This covers checking accounts, mobile payments, and other services. The app even provides easy insights into your spending habits, assisting you in making your money last longer in Germany.
    • Taxfix:- It allows you to file your German income tax from the convenience of your smartphone. On average, it takes customers less than half an hour to file their tax returns using an easy-to-use interface.
    • World Remit:- Try World Remit for cross-border transactions. You may effortlessly send money to over 130 functioning countries while paying cheaper rates than most traditional banks. Transfers are very quick, taking only a few minutes from one bank account to another.
    • Mint:- This app will consolidate all of your accounts and help you better comprehend your “financial life.” It functions as a bill payment tracker, budgeting goal tracker, investment tracker, and budget alert system. It’s a safe and secure app that will undoubtedly assist you in making the most of your funds when visiting a foreign place.

Get updates on news and current affairs from

    • DW:- The app, developed by Deutsche Welle, provides material in 30 languages. It gives you access to the most recent news from Germany and abroad, including news stories, studio interviews, audio clips, and more.
    • AccuWeather:- This app has shown to be highly efficient and user-friendly. It breaks down daily temperatures and provides hyperlocal predictions by the minute, helping you know whether and when a storm will hit.
    • Der Tagesspiegel – German Newspaper:- If you want to improve your German language abilities, you must read in German. Getting the daily newspaper app should be a good place to start. Plus, you’ll always be up to speed on what’s going on around you!

Learn the German language with

    • Duolingo:- Duolingo, well known for its bright green owl mascot, will help you learn German in bitesize bits. It is a free app that has a variety of tasks to evaluate your listening, speaking, and reading abilities.
    • Babbel:- A language-learning software that may help you practice your German while you’re on the road. Its user-friendly courses are created by language experts, so you know you’re in excellent hands.
    • Google Translate:- It makes it simple to translate the German language. Their camera function also allows you to translate words just by putting up your camera, eliminating the need to type long sentences.
    • DeepL Translate:- An excellent tool for this, offering quick, accurate, and high-quality translations in 26 languages, including German. You may use the microphone to convert voice to text and listen to the translated text. The app emphasizes accurate syntax inside the translation, making it especially effective for languages such as German.

Find house in Germany with

    • Immoscout24:- A renowned housing portal that operates throughout Germany. You may access listings for thousands of possible new houses using their app. You’ll quickly discover what you’re searching for, whether it’s a city-center apartment in Stuttgart or a magnificent Bavarian chalet. Use the app to search for properties, schedule viewings, and receive new listing alerts directly to your phone.
    • Airbnb:- If you want to rent a place, you may always use Airbnb. With so many short and long-term rentals available in Germany, you’ll be able to locate a place in no time.

Finding accommodation in Germany

Apps for Entertainment

      • ARD Mediathek:- ARD Mediathek is a fantastic way to watch German television. It is one of Germany’s major public broadcasters and has a huge collection of programming from which to pick. It is simple to use and free to use, with daily news, movies, series, and live programs all in one spot.
      • DAZN:- An online subscription-based sports streaming service, is a sports fan’s dream. You can take your matches with you on your smart devices and never miss a goal with live and on-demand matches and events. It’s also a fantastic way to get started with German sports.
      • Disney+:- Disney+ gives you access to your favorite animated films and TV series in Germany. It is a subscription-based service that provides access to entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, and others.
      • Zattoo:- Zattoo, is a German no-contract streaming network, with over 140 channels. All you need is an internet connection to access a wellspring of German entertainment by streaming TV and movies on your smart devices.

Travel and holiday planning apps

    • Omio:- It is a travel app that may help make your vacation ideas a reality if you need some inspiration. You’ll be able to locate all of the necessary ticket and travel information for your next excursion. It also allows you to compare other modes of transportation, such as flights, trains, and buses, allowing you to save money. With price notifications, you’ll never miss out on savings on your favorite routes.
    • Rentalcars.com:- Whether you’re in Germany or elsewhere, Rentalcars can help you get a rental car to get about. With their app, you may view the many automobile brands they provide and quickly reserve your preferred vehicle.
    • Skyscanner:- Do you want to travel to your next vacation destination? The Skyscanner app is your go-to for flight planning. When you compare airlines and flight timings, you can choose the best route for you.
    • Spotted by Locals:- This app makes the process of discovering all the peaceful and lovely areas in the town you reside in much faster and simpler. Handpicked people who speak the local language offer their local suggestions on this app. There are a variety of locations to explore, including great coffee shops, art galleries, places to relax, restaurants, and shopping attractions.

There are so many applications available to tourists and residents in Germany. These were the top must-have apps for Students in Germany. If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below!

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