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Advantages of small cities over big cities in Germany

Advantages of small cities over big cities in Germany

Before moving into Germany, people must know about the advantages of small cities over big cities in Germany. It sounds really good to live in a big city in Germany, but there are many advantages of small cities in Germany.

Advantages of small cities over big cities in Germany
Advantages of small cities over big cities in Germany

Advantages of living in small cities in Germany

Small cities in Germany have more pros than cons and have a high level of cultural exposure. Small cities are the best choice for those who want to immerse themselves in German daily life. Here are some advantages of small cities in Germany:

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  • Less Crowded

Small towns are always less crowded and much quieter than big cities in Germany. There are also much fewer tourists in small towns. So people who prefer to live in peace they can choose to live in small towns.

  • Easy to register

If people have to register their new address in Germany, it takes around 10 mins to 15 mins for registration in a small city. When it comes to the big cities, it takes 2 hours to 3 hours for registration.

  • Social Aspects

In small cities, people would still be able to make new friends. If a student lives in a small town with a university, the chances are that other students are living in that town as well. So it is easier to make friends who live also close by. Since there are not many options for entertainment, the most common activity is a house party. This helps to communicate and one can build a small community.

  • Housing and Accommodation

The housing price in big cities is really very expensive. For example, Munich is one of the expensive cities in Germany and it is really hard to buy a flat or house there. In a small town, it is really cheap to live in. Though it is quite hard to find your own house or flat when you find your house you have to pay 300 Euros to 450 Euros per month for accommodation.

  • Food

Small cities are most reliant on independent bakeries, cafes, and restaurants. People can get a chance to try local specialties. The best time of the year is Christmas when local baked goods are all the rage. For example, Rothenburg ob der Tauber’s Schneeball biscuit. It is rare to find outside of Franconia. Bamberg, which is a tiny town located in northern Bavaria, has a huge selection of beers. This tiny town has is home to Rauchbier, which tastes like smoked bacon.

  • A beautiful Architecture

Small cities have the grand architectures of cathedrals and sloping medieval roofs which are great reminders of ancient history. Some smaller towns, for example, Bayreuth, Regensburg, Bamberg, and Würzburg have UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are internationally appreciated for their beauty.

  • Language

This is the best point to live in small cities. People who do not know much about the German language can easily practice and improve the German language. People can also learn a dialect, which is very common in small cities.

It always depends on people’s preferences whether they want to live in a small city or in a big city. Some people may not like to live in a small town as they think it would be really boring to live. But, living in a small town has so many advantages that bigger cities do not have.

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