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Top 5 Best Internet Providers in Germany

Top 5 Best Internet Providers in Germany

Are you searching for an affordable internet provider in Germany? Look no further. In this guide, we’ll explore and compare the five best internet providers in Germany. We will also provide insights into how you can save money when switching your DSL or fiber internet service.


Cheapest Internet Providers

In this section, we’ll review five of the cheapest internet service providers in Germany. These providers offer cost-effective plans that cater to different needs and budgets.

1. 1&1 Internet-Flat

1&1 is known for offering some of the cheapest DSL and fiber internet plans in Germany. They provide a variety of internet plans, including fiber optic packages, making it suitable for households with varying bandwidth requirements.


    • Low monthly costs.
    • 30-day trial period with no obligation.
    • No upfront fees.
    • A wide range of plans available.


    • Add-ons may not be very useful for budget-focused users.

2. Maingau DSL 50

Maingau offers excellent value home internet packages, particularly if you’re an existing Maingau Energie customer. They often provide free broadband for the first six months, and even non-customers can benefit from special deals.


    • Affordable monthly costs.
    • Discounts for Maingau Energie customers.
    • Choice of 12-month or 24-month contracts.


    • Router rental costs are relatively high.

3. Deutsche Telekom MagentaZuhause M

Deutsche Telekom offers cheap DSL internet plans with attractive discounts for the first three months. They also provide bonus credits to new customers, effectively offering a few months of free broadband.


    • Reasonable monthly costs.
    • Includes credit towards a router and monthly costs.
    • Offers 15GB of free cloud storage.


    • High upfront cost for new customers.
    • Requires a 24-month contract.

4. O2 my Home S

O2 offers reasonably priced 50 Mbit internet plans, with lower monthly costs for the first 12 months. While there’s a connection fee, O2 provides flexibility by allowing you to purchase DSL internet without a contract.


    • Good value for the price.
    • A variety of routers to choose from.
    • Option to buy internet without a contract.


    • Incurs a setup cost.

5. Vodafone Cable Internet

While Vodafone may not be the cheapest provider, they offer great value with strong WLAN signal quality. Their cable internet plans are often more cost-effective than their DSL counterparts, making them worth considering.


    • Better upload speeds compared to many other providers.
    • Ability to switch to Vodafone, even if you’re under contract with another provider.
    • Includes a good Wi-Fi router.


    • Not the lowest monthly costs.

What You Need to Know

In this section, we’ll provide essential information to help you choose a low-cost internet provider in Germany.

List of Internet Providers In Germany

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How to Save Money on Internet in Germany

There are several ways to save money on your internet bill in Germany:

    • Opt for DSL or cable instead of fiber internet, as they often offer sufficient bandwidth for most households.
    • Choose a budget-friendly internet provider like 1&1 if you want to maximize savings.
    • Explore discounts based on your eligibility, such as low-income, student, or older citizen discounts.
    • Avoid unnecessary add-ons like cable TV channels and prepaid landline calling minutes.

What Internet Speed Do I Need?

For most households, a download speed of 30-50 megabits per second (Mbps) is sufficient. Consider faster plans (100 Mbps or more) if:

    • You frequently download large files.
    • Three or more people use the internet simultaneously.
    • You’re willing to pay extra for faster internet.

Which Is the Cheapest Internet Provider in Germany?

There is no single provider that consistently offers the cheapest internet plans. Prices vary, so it’s essential to compare current deals from different providers. However, 1&1 is a reliable option known for competitive prices.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Cheap Internet Plan?

On average, cheap internet plans in Germany cost around €25 per month over the contract period, excluding router rental. Additional monthly expenses for router rental typically range from €5 to €7. If you’re paying more than €30 per month, you may be able to find a more cost-effective plan, unless you require high-speed fiber internet.

Risks and Downsides

Choosing a reputable internet provider minimizes risks. Consider these factors when opting for a budget-friendly plan:

    • Ensure the internet speed meets your household’s needs.
    • Check the provider’s customer service reputation.
    • Be aware of any price increases after an initial discount period.
    • Assess the router’s quality and consider signal boosters for larger homes.

Using LTE vs. DSL or Fiber Internet

While LTE (4G or 5G) routers are an option, they often come with data usage limits or high costs for unlimited data. LTE is not typically recommended for cost savings unless you have minimal data usage.

Changing Internet Providers

When switching providers, ensure your current contract has expired or be prepared to pay an exit fee. New providers often handle the cancellation of your old connection. Once you receive your new router and activate your internet, you’ll be ready to get online.

This concludes our guide to the best internet providers in Germany. If you’re looking to save on your home internet, 1&1 is a great starting point with its competitive pricing and no upfront fees. Choose a provider that suits your needs and budget, and enjoy reliable, cost-effective internet service in Germany.

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