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Don’ts as an International Student in Germany : Summer Semester 2022

Living in Germany could be inherently challenging, and it’s absolutely essential to understand the don’ts as an international student. Don’t worry, in this article we are going to give you some tips:

Don’t ever disrespect their food or culture.
Every country’s roots are important to the citizens and that’s what we see in Europe’s most famous Germany. People consider their culture in high regard and as an international student, you should make sure of what you say or do in regards to it. Make sure to know facts or learn from fellow German, then go ahead and make a fool out of yourself.
Don’t be late.
One thing if we’re sure of is that Germans LOVE being punctual. It is considered an important aspect, and as a student, you should already be accustomed to it. Being punctual will not only help you in your career path but also will give you good points in front of them. So make sure to maintain a regular schedule and calendar.
Don’t work for more than allowed hours.
Unlike the Western countries, there is a fixed number of working hours for students in Germany. You’re only allowed 240 hours at half-day jobs and 120 hours at full-day jobs as an international student. They believe that work and studies should be balanced. So make sure to focus on books rather than earning money!
Don’t fall for stereotypes.
Germans as tall and beautiful they are, are often stereotyped as rude, arrogant, and reserved people. Although they do like to be straightforward, being reserved is something which everyone is at one point or the other. So before you judge a fellow German as rude and not approachable, know that it’s all false. They’re friendly and are hospitable to international students. Give them time to mix up with you and you’ll be friends for the long run!!
Don’t depend on Universities.
This is the MOST IMPORTANT one for the students. As you reach a new country, there are too many enticing things that can distract you from the main goal – CAREER. Universities in Germany believe that you’re responsible enough to study and manage on your own, so they don’t spoon-feed you with study material. To make sure you’re working in balance with career and enjoyment, make sure to follow up with professors on your own and create a balanced routine.

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Wishing you luck ahead!! ☘️

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