Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK)

Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK)

About Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK)

Dresden University of Fine Arts (HfBK) is one of Europe’s oldest fine arts educational establishments. Founded in 1764, the University approximately upholds 650 students who are enrolled every year in the academy’s various educational programs. BrühlscheTerrasse, Pfotenhauerstraße, and Güntzstraße are the three locations where the university is located. The University is an autonomous fine arts academy.

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Dresden University

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Overall Ranking

The Dresden University of Fine Arts ranks number 8709 of 14,160 In the World, number 313 of 370 In Germany and number 6 of 7 In Dresden.


Courses offered for International Students

In the fields of study of Fine Arts, Drama Studies, and Philosophy theoretic-scientific fundamentals significant to the study of all core subjects by the HfBK are educated, along with implementation in the academic subjects of Architecture. Some are listed as-

  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts
  2. Bachelor of Art Technology
  3. Bachelor of Restoration of Art
  4. Postgraduate Program in Art Therapy

Scholarships and financial aids:

Data to be updated.

Internships near Dresden University of Fine Arts

Students can complete an internship from one of the curriculum locations with a group or organization. This is supported by HfBK. Also, Students can look through Internship portals online, which can provide some good opportunities. Lidl, IKEA, DHL are some places students can find work.

Jobs near Dresden University of Fine Arts

Part-time jobs are desired by students who prefer to manage their finances on their own. Students can look for part-time jobs mostly through online portals. HRS Testzentrum, Zenjob GmbH, M&M Testzentrum, dm-drogerie markt, and Fahrradhaus Eichler, for example, provide such opportunities. Also working at the university is an option.

Housing and Accommodation

The city offers a variety of housing possibilities, so a student can rest at ease. Studentenwerk Dresden can aid a Student in getting a nice stay at a reasonable price. Students can reside in flatshares, homestays or even private residences.

Cost of Living

Tuition fees are none in HfBK, while Admission fees range up to 875.47 Euro on average. Housing, accommodation, and mobility in Dresden are all calculated to cost around 748.67 EUR per month.

Places to visit near the University

Dresden has a wide range of attractions and involves three complementary elements: a significant art treasure, historical landmarks and charming scenery. Some are mentioned below.

  1. The Royal Palace – The Royal Palace’s façade is adorned in Neorenaissance style, and the palace’s wide courtyard features Renaissance-style frescoes.
  2. Sanctissimae Trinitatis Cathedral – This is a church dedicated to the Holy Trinity.
    This cathedral, also known as the Catholic Court Church, is Saxony’s greatest spiritual structure and is located between Schlossplatz and Theaterplatz.
  3. Zwinger Palace – The Zwinger, the most important edifice of the late Baroque period, is a complex piece of artwork that incorporates architecture, art, and sculpture.

The Dresden University of Fine Arts system’s main purpose is to prepare creative and talented individuals whose capabilities go over the scope of their respective core areas. For creative and academic research groups, the university encourages collaborative efforts. All in all, the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden accelerates the reshaping of academic research and education altogether.

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