EBZ Business School – University of Applied Sciences

EBZ Business School – University of Applied Sciences

About EBZ Business School

The EBZ Business School – University of Applied Sciences, a state-recognized private university of applied sciences located in Bochum, is also established with a study center in Hamburg. Therefore, It receives support from the EBZ Foundation under the sponsorship of the GdW Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies, the Rhineland-Westphalia Association of Housing Industry, and the Federal Association of Independent Real Estate and Housing Companies BFW.

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Overall Ranking

In terms of rankings, EBZ Business School has various standings ranking 9,437th globally and 334th within Germany​. It is at 6,678th in the world. Additionally, it holds a ranking position of 6301 on global list and is considered among the best value institutions.

Courses Offered by EBZ Business School – University of Applied Sciences

    • Business Administration
    • International Marketing
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Real Estate Management
    • Tourism and Event Management
    • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • Human Resource Management
    • Information Technology Management
    • Sustainable Business
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Digital Business
    • Leadership and Organizational Behavior
    • Strategic Management
    • Project Management
    • Cross-Cultural Management

Scholarships and financial aids

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Internships near EBZ Business School

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Jobs near EBZ Business School

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 Housing and Accommodations 

    1. On-campus housing: The university offers on-campus dormitories to students.
    2. Off-campus apartments: Students have the option to rent apartments in the nearby vicinity.
    3. Homestays: Some students may choose to live with local host families for a more immersive experience.
    4. Shared apartments: Students can share rented apartments with their peers to split living costs.
    5. Student residences: There are private student residences available near the campus.
    6. Commuting from home: Some students may opt to live at their permanent residence and commute to the university.
    7. Temporary accommodations: For new students, temporary housing options may be available until they find a suitable long-term arrangement.
    8. Co-living spaces: The university might have partnerships with co-living providers for students looking for community-oriented living.
    9. Student housing agencies: Students can seek assistance from housing agencies that specialize in accommodating university students.
    10. On-campus facilities: Living accommodations are equipped with essential amenities like study areas, communal spaces, and recreational facilities.

Cost Of Living

    1. Tuition fees: Students are required to pay tuition fees for their chosen courses.
    2. Accommodation costs: The university offers on-campus housing, and students are responsible for the associated fees.
    3. Course materials: Students need to purchase textbooks and other study materials for their academic programs.
    4. Administrative fees: There are administrative charges for various services provided by the university.
    5. Extracurricular activities: Participating in certain extracurricular activities may involve additional costs.
    6. Technology fees: Students may need to pay for access to computer labs, software licenses, or other technological resources.
    7. Field trips and study tours: If included in the curriculum, students will have to cover expenses related to off-campus trips.
    8. Health insurance: International students may need to pay for health insurance coverage.
    9. Student association fees: Joining student associations may involve membership fees.
    10. Graduation expenses: Moreover, students are required to pay for graduation-related costs, such as gown rental and ceremony fees.

Requirements for language proficiency

    1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language): Additionally, applicants must demonstrate their English proficiency by achieving a minimum score of [specific score requirement] in the TOEFL exam.
    2. IELTS (International English Language Testing System): Moreover, the university accepts a minimum overall band score of [specific score requirement] in the IELTS test.
    3. Cambridge English Exams: Furthermore, applicants can meet the language proficiency requirement by obtaining a minimum grade of [specific grade requirement] in one of the following Cambridge English exams.
    4. Duolingo English Test: Moreover, the university may also consider the Duolingo English Test, and applicants need to achieve a minimum score of [specific score requirement].
    5. English-taught previous education:  Furthermore, applicants can meet the language proficiency requirement by obtaining a minimum grade of [specific grade requirement] in one of the following Cambridge English exams.
    6. Personal interview: In some cases, applicants might be invited to a personal interview to assess their oral English proficiency.
    7. Exemptions: Depending on the course and individual circumstances, certain applicants may be exempted from language proficiency requirements. This is subject to approval by the university’s admissions committee.

In conclusion, EBZ Business School – University of Applied Sciences is a state-recognized private university offering a diverse range of courses with a focus on business, real estate, and management-related disciplines. The university is supported by prominent organizations in the housing and real estate industry, ensuring a strong foundation for its academic programs. Overall, EBZ Business School – University of Applied Sciences provides a comprehensive learning experience with a wide array of courses, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields of study. Whether pursuing business administration, marketing, finance, real estate, or other disciplines, students can expect a dynamic and supportive learning environment.

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