English Proficiency Test: TOEFL

English Proficiency Test: TOEFL

English is a universal language nowadays. If you belong to a non-English speaking country, then you need to perform an English proficiency test to prove your skills in English. However, there is various test that can prove your proficiency in the English language. Still TOEFL is a prominent English proficiency test.

English Proficiency Test TOEFL

What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language is a prominent English proficiency test. If you are planning to study in a foreign country where the mode of education is English, its score can be very useful. These scores are most commonly used by universities for the admission process. This test focuses on the use of English in educational settings.

Types of TOEFL

This test is based on two modes for the convenience of the students. These two modes are:

Internet Based Test

        • Reading test is consist of 3-4 reading passages.
        • Listening test is consisting of 3-4 lectures and 2-3 conversations
        • In the reading test person has to speak in a microphone where the audio is recorded
        • Writing test is of two activities: Integrated Writing and Essay Writing

Pen Paper-Based Test

        • Listening section is in 3 parts.
        • Speaking Section consists of sentence completion and error identification
        • Reading section has a passage with 50 questions to be answered
        •  Writing Section consists of one essay.

If you have already given IELTS and want to check your TOEFL equivalent, you can convert your IELTS to TOEFL Score here!!

Non-native English speakers in the eleventh or higher grade should take the TOEFL exam to establish their English language competence before beginning academic work. While the scores for each university are subjective. Before submitting your scores, you should check the university’s requirements.

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