English Proficiency test: Importance in Germany

English Proficiency test: Importance in Germany

Language plays a significant role in communication. Almost every nation has a unique language. English is the language that unifies all the people in this world. English is an international language. To convey a message with clarity proficiency is important. While speaking about Germany proficiency is more important there. In fact, according to The Education First (EF) English Proficiency Index, Germany scores 10th position among 100 countries and 400 cities.

English Proficiency test
English Proficiency test

What are English Proficiency Tests?

Proficiency tests are standardized exams. These tests are designed to access the person’s ability to understand, speak and construct comprehensive and understandable thoughts through the English language. Alike all other proficiency tests, the test includes various aspects of the language like grammar, speech, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and more.

What are the uses of English Proficiency tests in Germany?

There is three primary use of proficiency tests.

  • Study: Multiple universities specifically require proficiency tests as a basic need for admission.
  • Work: Proficiency tests are important from a work perspective. Since most International employers and famous companies access their employee’s proficiency in English with the help of standardized tests.
  • Immigration: For immigration, proficiency tests are required.

English Proficiency test Preferred in Germany

The two major proficiency tests preferred in Germany are:


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The majority of German universities utilize IELTS for evaluating language competency since it offers formal certification for the English language. It is of two types, Academic and General. In IELTS academic candidate needs to write formal letters. While in IELTS general candidate needs to write the informal type of writing test.


TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign language. For English, it is a globally accepted test. It accesses the primary skills. This test access speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. But TOEFL has a minimum age limit concept. To appear in TOEFL one should be of 17 years it should be in class 11th.

English is a Universal language now. Even though it is becoming a universal necessity for communication, a sizable portion of the public is still ignorant about it. Candidates should make their selection for a proficiency test based on their needs. You can visit the university website to learn more about your prerequisites. Finally, I’ll advise everyone to be confident but not overconfident for the test. Listen to yourself instead of what other people have to say. Plan your study and manage your time. You can get the grade you want if you are persistent in your study.

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