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ESB Business School

ESB Business School

About ESB Business School

ESB Business School also known as Reutlingen University was established in 1971. It now has eighteen Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs and there are approximately 2,500 Students enrolled. In ESB, programs are aimed to help in developing highly marketable and socially conscious graduates worldwide

ESB Business School
ESB Business School

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Overall Ranking

Reutlingen University has been ranked 2777 out of 14,160 in the World, 108 out 370 in Germany, 1 out of 2  in Reutlingen, and 772 out of 1,008 For Industrial Engineering.


Internships near ESB Business School

Internships or Industrial placements are an attractive feature of German business and industry, and ESB takes total use of it. During their course of study, all of the students are required to perform a six-month internship. These firms include DaimlerChrysler, BMW, IBM, Siemens and Bosch.

Jobs near ESB Business School

Living in a foreign country in a new atmosphere always puts a strain on one’s finances. Students can manage these by applying to firms that offer such work opportunities as Schwerdtfeger Transport GmbH, Evangelische Heimstiftung, Europcar Mobility Group Germany, HausTierService Foster.

Housing and Accommodation

Student housing is far less expensive than in most other nations in Germany. In Reutlingen University, GWG Housing Association owns and manages the neighbouring student houses, and Studentenwohnheime, which are not part of the University operationally. As a necessity, you must reserve your spot via them. The price ranges from 240 EUR per month to 480 EUR per month plus a 300 EUR security deposit. Nonetheless, if you fail to book a spot, the school will provide their full help to locate you.

Cost of Living

In Reutlingen, you will be required to pay 1500 EUR as student tuition costs. Still, on registering as a student at the University, an administration fee, currently 70 EUR, and a Semester Contribution of 167.30 EUR per semester is charged. As of now, the cost for transport, food, accommodation on average can go up to 900 EUR per month.

Popular Courses for International Students

The Course programs at the university are associated with specific areas of marketing and innovation. This is due to the university’s statutory confined range of academic specialization. This gives them high credibility and status, particularly in the field of Business Administration. Some courses are-

1. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

2. MBA International Management

3. MSc Digital Industrial Management and Engineering

Places to visit near the University

Reutlingen is an industrial city at the base of the Swabian Mountains that is the site of Reutlingen University and Robert Bosch GmbH’s Automotive Electronics business. Some more sites worth seeing here are-
1. Spreuerhofstraße –  The world’s narrowest alley, measuring 31cm in width. The road was constructed in 1727 as part of the rehabilitation works after the devastating town fire of 1726 that destroyed the area.
2. Spendhaus –  In the district town of Reutlingen, the Museum Spendhaus was built in 1518 and is one of the oldest extant catholic structures.
3. Tübinger –  Reutlingen’s town gateway was originally constructed as a section of the city walls in 1235 and enlarged in 1330 with a half-timbered addition. It stands 36 meters tall.

ESB Business School is widely regarded as one of Germany’s most prestigious public business schools, consistently ranking first in national rankings. They aim to achieve academic excellence in compliance with global quality and teaching standards. Hence as a basis, the field of study of ESB Business School is on entrepreneurship and socioeconomic concerns, with meaningful, recognizable, and applicable outcomes at the local, national, and global scale.

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