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Everything that Changes in Germany in May 2024

Everything that Changes in Germany in May 2024

As May approaches, Germany braces itself for a series of significant changes across various aspects of daily life. From economic shifts to cultural events, here’s what you need to know about the transformations taking place in the country this month. Explore Everything that Changes in Germany in May 2024.

1. Higher Costs of Flights

Starting from May 1st, travelers booking flights in Germany should prepare for an increase in ticket prices. This adjustment stems from the government’s decision to raise the Luftverkehrsabgabe, or air traffic tax, by approximately 20 percent. Airlines operating in Germany will be subject to additional charges ranging from €15.53 to €70.83 per passenger, a cost that may be passed on to customers. The tax hike is part of broader measures aimed at fiscal consolidation.

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2. Holidays in May

May kicks off with International Workers’ Day on the 1st, a national public holiday, followed by Ascension Day on the 9th and Whit Monday on the 20th. Additionally, several states observe Corpus Christi as a regional holiday on May 30th. Notably, Mother’s Day falls on May 12th, although it is not a public holiday.

3. Eurovision

Germany’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest adds excitement to May’s cultural calendar. The semi-finals are scheduled for May 7th and 9th, with the finals taking place on May 11th in Sweden. Germany, as one of the contest’s major contributors, automatically qualifies for the finals. This year, former busker Isaak Guderian represents Germany with his song “Always On The Run”.

4. New Car Labeling Regulations

Starting in May, dealers mandate to provide consumption and emissions data labels for vehicles, both in-person and online, ensuring increased transparency for car buyers. initiative aims to empower consumers with vital information during the purchasing process.

5. Enforcement of Speeding Tickets from Switzerland

A new agreement between Germany and Switzerland means that speeding tickets incurred by residents in either country will be enforced across borders. This change takes effect from May 1st, ensuring fair and consistent enforcement of traffic violations.

6. End of Deutsche Bahn Streckenagent App

May 2nd marks the discontinuation of Deutsche Bahn‘s Streckenagent app. Passengers will now rely on the DB Navigator app for real-time information and ticketing services.

7. Minimum Wage Increase for Care Home Employees

Starting May 1st, employees in older people care will benefit from a minimum wage increase, offering improved compensation and additional vacation days.

8. Introduction of New Bio-Diesel at Gas Stations

Germany’s commitment to climate neutrality sees the introduction of environmentally friendly diesel fuels at gas stations throughout May. Before refueling, motorists should ensure compatibility with their vehicles.

9. E-Scooter Ban on Berlin Public Transport

Berlin’s transport operator BVG implements a ban on e-scooters aboard its vehicles and in subway stations starting May 1st due to safety concerns.

10. New Field on ID Card for Doctorate Title

To address identification issues faced by individuals with doctorate titles, Germany introduces a new data field on ID cards from May 1st.

11. AI Warnings on Facebook and Instagram

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, introduces warnings on photos and videos generated or manipulated by artificial intelligence from May. This move aims to mitigate misinformation on its platforms.

With these changes in effect, navigating life in Germany in May 2024 will require awareness and adaptation to ensure a smooth transition into the evolving landscape.

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