Everything that changes in September 2023 in Germany

Everything that changes in September 2023 in Germany

Here are the major developments and events taking place in Germany beginning in September, from reduced train tickets to another service turning digital. In this article, you will get to know about Everything that changes in September 2023 in Germany.

  1. Digital vehicle registration

Anyone who wanted to register their car in the past had to visit a KFZ Zulassungsstelle, a physical location. However, as of September, the formerly time-consuming procedure can now be completed fully electronically under Germany’s new Vehicle Registration Ordinance.
The benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait for the vehicle documentation and sticker to be mailed to you; instead, you can drive your automobile as soon as you register it online. The digital registration certificate will serve as proof, so you can drive without these papers for up to 10 days. Additionally, the prices are anticipated to be less than those for local registration.

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  2. Special discounts on Deutsche Bahn

Train enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy discounted rates in September when purchasing a BahnCard 100 from Deutsche Bahn. This special card offers a year of free travel on all Deutsche Bahn trains, though promotional pricing remains relatively high. Both the first and second-class railcars will be eligible for the promotion, which is available through September 1st.

  3. Route abandoned

However, if you want to use your brand-new BahnCard 100 to take the ICE to Lake Konstanz, you should plan your trip for early in the month. Beginning on September 10th, DB will no longer offer its weekend ICE service from Hamburg to Konstanz, which was added to the summer timetable.
Following that, the ICE will resume running frequently between Hamburg and Karlsruhe.

  4. Gas and electricity prices are reduced by AEON

Starting on September 1st, EON’s utility customers will see a decrease in the cost of their gas and electricity. Prices for gas and electricity are expected to drop by a combined 28 per cent and 18 per cent, respectively. AEON claims that there is no action necessary on your part to take advantage of the decrease.
Customers with special contracts beyond the fundamental supply will pay less, as well.

  5. After all, “Best Brewery of 2022” will continue to operate

Strecks Brauhaus, the acclaimed “Best Brewery of the Year 2022” in Bavaria, was set to close by September’s end due to the pandemic, Ukraine conflict, and intense brewery competition. Yet, Seeheim-Jugenheim’s Biermacher GmbH intervened, investing to avert closure. This ensures continuity for Streck’s brewery and offers temporary employment to its 26 staff members.

  6. ELSTER modifies how emails are stored in the inbox

Starting September 18th, the ELSTER financial portal, widely used for tax filings, will change its procedure. Messages older than a year will be deleted, except critical ones, requiring users to save them monthly to prevent loss.

  7. Tax filing deadline

If you aren’t working with a tax counsellor or association, don’t forget to file your Steuererklärung for 2022 by the deadline of September 30. However, if you’re not on track to accomplish this, we outline in this post what you can do to get a four-month extension.

  8. Applications for the “Hardship Fund” must be received by September 30

Until September 30th, those with pensions just above the basic income support limit can apply for aid from Germany’s Hardship Fund (Härtefallfond). This is mainly for specific groups like those affected by the “East-West pension transition,” Soviet Union Jewish exiles, and “late repatriates.” Beneficiaries may receive up to €5,000 yearly. More info and the application link are on the “Stiftung Härtefallfonds” site.

  9. Increased pricing for Coca-Cola

Starting in September, Coca-Cola products like Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Mezzo Mix will be pricier due to rising costs in electricity, gas, logistics, and raw materials (including sugar), prompting a low single-digit percentage increase.

Unlike last year’s situation at various Edeka stores in Germany, customers needn’t fear beverages being unavailable due to a strike. Edeka has dropped its action against the corporation’s price increase due to low odds of success.

  10. Halogen pins are prohibited as of September

The EU seeks to increase domestic energy efficiency with the Ecodesign Directive. As a result, new halogen products including high-voltage halogen lights and low-voltage halogen lamps cannot be marketed after September 1. The ban does not, however, extend to outdated products.

In conclusion, Everything that changes in September 2023 in Germany, including discounts on BahnCard 100, ELSTER portal alterations, and price adjustments for Coca-Cola products. Edeka’s decision adds assurance to customer access. Stay informed through official sources for a seamless transition into these developments.

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