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Furtwangen University

Furtwangen University

About Furtwangen University

Furtwangen University is a German University for applied sciences. It is situated in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald, in Baden-Württemberg. Engineer Robert Gerwig founded the university in 1850. Its main mission is to uphold Traditional boundaries between subject fields that are removed in interdisciplinary projects. Moreover, the percentage of international students in the university is 15-20% which makes the institution somewhat well-renowned in the global market.

Furtwangen University
Furtwangen University

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Overall Ranking

According to the current analysis, the university holds up rank at 2440 of 14,160 in the world, 749 of 2,789 in Europe, 94 of 370 in Germany, and 10 of 62 in Baden-Wurttemberg. 684 of 1,002 in Respiratory Theory.

Internships near Furtwangen University

At the University of Furtwangen, students are given an opportunity of having an integrated internship semester. The last semester of every course is reserved for internships. These are compulsory 6-month internships for all the students. Students are supervised by the university professors during the course of these internships.

Jobs near Furtwangen University

For jobs, the University understands the importance of cooperation and strong partnerships with industry, and therefore, they maintain close contacts with popular companies like Porsche, Daimler, Bosch, Siemens, and SAP.

Housing and Accommodation

Furtwangen University has dormitories operated by the Freiburg Student Union. Students can also find private accommodations or live in shared rooms. The International Center usually looks for a room, for exchange students. Moreover, the average rent for accommodations is €275-€300/month including utilities.

Cost of living

The average cost of living in Furtwangen is €600-€700/month including rent, clothing, food, and leisure. Apart from that, the students also need to pay a mandatory semester fee of €130/semester. Moreover, Furtwangen is relatively cheap and the standard of living is therefore affordable.

CategoryExpensive City [in Euro]Average [in Euro]Small town [in Euro]Comments
Rent 500375200Depending on the location
Semester Fees350200110Per semester
Transportation000The cost of transportation is already included in the semester fees.
Public Insurance110110110Insurance does not depend on cities.
Private Insurance353535you can choose either public or private insurance.
Radio Bill18.3618.3618.36Per month
Mobile20158Mobile bill does not depend on cities. Usually it cost 8-20 euro per month
Groceries220200160Depending on your choice
Miscellaneous200150100Depending on your choice
Total [with Public Insurance]1,4181,068.36706.36Per month
Total [with Private Insurance]1,343993.63631.36Per month


Courses offered by the Furtwangen University

Most students from abroad prefer studying for Furtwangen University masters. The university’s dynamic, international atmosphere, forward-looking degree programs, exciting research opportunities, high-tech facilities, a safe and supportive learning environment, top-quality teaching, and close links with the business sector attract a lot of students. Furtwangen University has had students from over 80 different countries around the world already graduated from them! The faculties of the university include

Places to Visit Near the Furtwangen University

Furtwangen Germany is a place that will definitely give ‘wow’ vibes. It’s closely located in the Black Forest region and is one of the highest towns in Baden-Wurttemberg. Some of the popular places around the city are:

  • German Clock Museum: Museum with numerous clocks & watches situated near the center of the Black Forest town of Furtwangen im Schwarzwald. It’s known for its historical clockmaking and has permanent and temporary exhibits on the history of timekeeping.
  • Stöcklewald: It’s a forested peak with waterfalls & a lookout situated 1,068.2 m above sea level, in the southern part of the Central Black Forest. It’s a great opportunity for students to take in nature and relax.
  • Source of the Danube: It’s a basin & start point of the Danube River. Conventionally taken to be formed by the confluence of the two streams Brigach and Breg just east of Donaueschingen, it’s a scenic view to behold.

In a nutshell, Furtwangen University is an employment-oriented education facility that provides a top-notch, practice-oriented, and professionally recognized academic education and is a major draw for international.


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