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German Universities Accepting Backlogs

German Universities Accepting Backlogs: Everything you need to know

Germany is a popular study-abroad location in Europe due to its excellent quality education and low cost. German universities attract a large number of applicants each year. And all these are because of low or free tuition fees and a low cost of living. The application process for German universities is not difficult, and What if we told you that you may even get into top German institutions if you have backlogs? “How many backlogs are permitted in Germany?” you may question. “, as well as “Do backlogs affect MS in Germany?” 

Not to worry! The list of German universities accepting backlogs has been carefully compiled, together with all the information you want for clearing backlogs before applying to Germany.

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German Universities Accepting Backlogs
German Universities Accepting Backlogs

Backlogs and Backlog Certificates

Let’s first define a backlog before moving on to the list of German colleges that accept them. There is a backlog in that particular topic when a test is not passed on the first try. Exam status is changed to absent in the event of absence. However, you are permitted to retake the test in order to finish the backlog.

Upon completion of your studies, universities, and institutions often issue a backlog certificate listing the number of active and inactive backlogs. Some prestigious German colleges, like Cologne Business School, may need a zero backlog certificate even if you do not have any backlog. You may not acquire a backlog certificate if you do not have any backlog.

Do German Universities Accept Backlogs?

Well, coming to the most important question- Do German universities accept backlogs? Though a majority of top universities in Germany prefer students without backlogs, there are numerous universities in Germany accepting backlogs. So, you can be assured that upto 5 backlogs are accepted at most German universities accepting backlogs. However, more than 5 backlogs are only accepted at the discretion of universities’ admission departments. Also, 10 is the maximum number of backlogs that have been seen getting accepted by most German universities.

How are backlogs calculated by German universities?

Reattempts are taken into account when calculating backlogs at German institutions. German institutions would count three backlogs if a topic has been cleared in three attempts. Additionally, German colleges that accept backlogs take into account a variety of elements when analyzing backlogs, including the number of topics you have unfinished business in, your GRE scores, your GPA, and your employment history.

Number of attempts = Number of Backlogs for German Universities

Factors Affecting Acceptance of Backlogs

How many backlogs are permitted for MS in Germany depends on a variety of factors, including:

    1. GPA
    2. Subjects with backlogs
    3. Time is taken to clear backlogs
    4. Backlog status
    5. Work experience

Now let’s quickly comprehend each factor:

1. GPA

Your GPA is one of the most important metrics that any university may use to evaluate your academic success. Therefore, there is a probability that you will be admitted to the institution if you have a good GPA despite having backlogs. A minimum percentage and comparable GPA of 65% are required by the majority of German colleges that accept backlogs.

2. Subjects with backlogs

If the course you have a backlog in is relevant to the course or program you have chosen at that specific university, your chance of being rejected is increased. For instance, if you’ve applied to an engineering program, having a backlog in topics like psychology won’t impact you.

3. Time is taken to clear backlogs

It’s likely that your application would be denied if you consistently have backlogs or repeatedly try to clear them. On the other side, a rejection will not occur if there is only one backlog.

4. Backlog status

Universities in Germany with a good reputation and a high worldwide ranking do not admit students who have an active backlog status. As a result, you must provide a backlog certificate showing that your backlog is inactive.

5. Work experience

While in other nations job experience might not be taken into account when evaluating backlogs, German colleges that accept backlogs need a minimum of two to three years of relevant work experience. Even with backlogs, having job experience boosts your likelihood of being accepted to a prestigious German institution.

German universities must meet two criteria in order to admit backlogs: a 65% academic average and two to three years of job experience.

Backlogs Accepted for MS in Germany

In Germany, the admission rate for MS programs with backlogs is comparable to that of all other programs and courses. There are strong possibilities for you to be accepted if you have outstanding GRE or GMAT scores coupled with relevant job experience of 2-3 years. The majority of German institutions only allow up to 5 backlogs for MS.

In Germany, how many backlogs are allowed for MS?

How many backlogs are permitted for MS in Germany is determined in the same manner as for other programs. The odds of being rejected are higher if the topics you have grade backlogs in are relevant to the course you want to enroll in.

Does MS in Germany suffer from clearing backlogs?

Yes, cleared backlogs to improve your chances of enrolling in a reputable German university.

List of German Universities Accepting Backlogs

If you have a strong GPA and relevant job experience, many German colleges would accept your backlog.

The following is a list of German universities that accept backlogs:


Backlogs Accepted 

SRH Hochschule Berlin 


Technical University of Munich 


SRH Hochschule Heidelberg


International School of Management


Jacobs University Bremen 


IU International University of Applied Sciences


GISMA Business School

Upto 10

Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Upto 10

EU Business School, Munich

Upto 10

If you have a good GPA and a strong background in extracurricular activities, having a backlog is nothing to be concerned about. You should also be aware that just a few German universities accept backlogs, and that the maximum number of backlogs permitted is 10.

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