Germany- India Relationship

Germany- India Relationship

About Germany- India Relationship

Great news for Indian students: A new Germany- India partnership, is introduced for the students of both countries, to facilitate the mobility and migration between the two countries. This partnership will also help in improving the Germany- India Relationship even more. This partnership aims at giving students, professionals, and researchers greater opportunities to travel between both countries for education and work.

German- India Relationship
German- India Relationship

Named the Comprehensive Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement, this partnership aims to enable the “mutual mobility” of individuals between India and Germany. This was part of a greater set of talks which was mainly about sustainable development and climate protection.

“We can use the great potential of migration and skilled workers to our mutual advantage. It is the first agreement of this kind for our country,” German chancellor Olaf Scholz said in Berlin.

“More than 17,000 Indian students take advantage of offers from German universities,” he added. “You are very welcome in Germany – even after your studies.”

The two governments also commended the “extensive” Germany-India cultural exchange and cooperative education policy.

This partnership agreement will definitely reduce the hustle a student has to go through, while they have to plan to study in Germany. This partnership will also help them in getting employed in Germany and relocate there permanently.

The partnership talks also included highlighting the roles of the Goethe-Instituts, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the University Grants Commission, and the All India Council for Technical Education in encouraging and enabling students to move to Germany for their studies.

Study Abroad Programs

  • The partnerships talks also included various programs among the countries that allowed the students to move to India for studying. This program, namely “Study in India”, aims at promoting India as an International Hub for students from all over the world.
  • Efforts to encourage mobility were not only limited to Germany-India government-level agreements. Universities from both countries have started introducing joint or dual degrees, which will be a great benefit for all the students in both countries.
  • To encourage the upskill of Indian workers, the Germany- India cooperation includes a commitment to pursue further cooperation on education and qualifications. This includes digital introductory coursesdrafted especially to enable Indian scholars to enroll and begin their university programs in Germany.
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