Hannover Medical School

Hannover Medical School

About Hannover Medical School

Hannover Medical School was established in the year 1965. It is one of the leading medical universities in Germany. Located in Hannover, this is now one of the finest university hospitals in Germany with its concentrated support of specialized areas in research, patient care, and teaching. In this medical school, the aspiring doctors are trained in medical skills such as taking blood, surgical hand disinfection or placing a urinary catheter. More than 3,400 students are currently studying at this university.


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Hannover Medical School
Hannover Medical School

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Rank of Hannover Medical School

This medical school has a ranking of 663 of 14,160 in the World, 265 of 2,789 in Europe,48 of 370 in Germany,4 of 26 in Lower Saxony, and 2 of 7 in Hannover. They have also a rank of 100 of 1,013 in the field of Orthodontics.


Internships near Hannover Medical School

Students can do a short-time research training at this university. They have to apply for about 6 months before they would like to start. All the informations are available on the university website. Apart from that, some companies like KWS Group, Amazon VZ Garbsen GmbH, CompuGroup Medical, Advanced Bionics, etc are hiring for internships near the university.

Jobs near the University

Students can do part-time jobs while they are studying at the university. They can do part-time jobs in the field of academic assistance, DE-DE medical transcriber, medical assistance, clinical assistance, medical secretary, etc. Companies like KWS Group, CompuGroup Medical, Sanford Federal, Inc., Covestro, International Flavors & Fragrances, etc provide part-time jobs near Hannover.

Housing and Accommodation

The university offers initial accommodation in the guest house for up to three months. It will cost 350 Euros per month. They can provide information about private accommodation near the campus.

Cost of Living

This university does not charge any tuition fees. But the students have to pay a semester contribution of 400 Euros per semester. Overall, the cost of living in Hannover will be around 900 Euros per month depending on the student’s lifestyle.

Popular Courses for International Students

Here are some popular courses of this university are as follows:

  1. Midwifery (B.sc)
  2. Bio-medicine (M.sc)
  3. Bio-medical Data Sciences
  4. Public Health (M.sc)
  5. European Midwifery (M.sc)

Places to visit near the University

Here are some popular places to visit in Hannover:

  • Harz National Park-It is a nature reserve. It is located in the German federal states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.
  • Kestnergesellschaft- It is an art gallery located in Hannover. It was established in the year 1916.
  • Marienburg Castle- It is a Gothic revival castle located in the city.
  • German Museum of Caricature and Drawings-It is a museum located in Hannover. It was established in 1930 and it has the largest collections of contemporary comic art, illustrations, and drawings which was done by Wilhelm Busch.

MHH was the first German school of medicine which was known as a ‘Patients’ University’. Well-structured teaching programs are the main reason for the attraction of students from all over the world.

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