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How to apply for a Scholarship in German Universities for Winter Semester 2022: Everything you need to know

How to apply for a Scholarship in German Universities for Winter Semester 2022: Everything you need to know

About How to apply for a Scholarship in German Universities for Winter Semester 2022: Everything you need to know

This post will tell you about the Scholarship in German Universities for Winter Semester 2022. As an ideal location for international students, Germany provides some of the best conditions for pursuing a degree, starting from the fact it is budget-friendly. The cost of living in Germany is projected to be approximately €800 per month. Although this might be difficult for overseas students, many programs provide students with the chance to receive financial assistance in the form of a scholarship.

What precisely is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a form of financial (educational) assistance that could be credited to your account. Pupils and students and artists, athletes, and young scientists can apply for the highly wanted one-time or regular money injections. and artists, athletes, and young scientists There are about 3,260 scholarship providers in Germany, which few people are aware of. You can obtain up to €1,035 every month with their support during your education, and you do not have to pay anything back, depending on the conditions.

Scholarship in Germany
Scholarship in Germany

How to apply for a Scholarship at German University for Winter Semester 2022?

It is critical to plan ahead of time, and you should begin looking for scholarships that you are eligible for as soon as possible. Aspirants should always submit direct applications before the deadlines. You must complete scholarship application forms and submit an application statement that explains why you should be awarded the scholarship and how you will contribute to the university or local community.

While researching DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) and related programs, look for foundations that have online application facilities. Make sure to look into the possibilities of study grants in addition to checking out the qualifying criteria for various scholarships. Several German states, such as Bavaria, provide public scholarships. As previously indicated, EU financing is also accessible through Erasmus and other initiatives.

Scholarship options for Winter Semester 2022

Students can apply for scholarships at their university or can get them with the help of other organizations.

  • Scholarships provided by the University

Here are some scholarships awarded by Germany’s leading universities-

  1. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management- For qualifying Ph.D. candidates studying mathematics, finance, business administration, or accounting, scholarships and tuition fee waivers are available.
  2. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences-  In almost all courses (except public health, design, and public management)  international students can apply for a scholarship. They must be enrolled in university master’s programs.
  3. Heidelberg University- There are several number o scholarships available, including the Amiran scholarship, which is for applicants from developing nations who want to study dentistry or medicine.
  • Scholarships  Provided by the Organizations

Here are some scholarships provided by the prominent organizations-

  1. Heinrich Boll Scholarships– International students who earned their university admission qualification from a school outside of Germany and desire to pursue a Masters’s or Ph.D. degree in Germany are eligible for scholarships from the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Scholarship inclusion – The monthly payment is €850 (INR 71,023), plus certain other allowances. In other cases, tuition costs are also reimbursed. Ph.D. students are paid €1000 (INR 83,557) each month, including a monthly travel allowance of €100 (INR 8,355).

Application Instructions – This scholarship program only accepts online applications. For applying you need to acquire knowledge about the application process as well as the paperwork required. Then register yourself on the online application portal. Then, Fill out the Online Application Portal with the requested information. Lastly, Submit your application before the conclusion of the application deadline after uploading all of your documentation. The application deadline is 1st September 2022.

  1. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung ScholarshipInternational students and doctoral candidates are the focus of this fellowship initiative. It accepts applications from students who have finished their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in their home country and are seeking further education. The program requires applicants to have an above-average academic record as well as a strong interest in political issues.

Scholarship inclusion- Ph.D. students may be eligible for a monthly stipend of €1,200 (for three years) or INR 1.02 lakhs. If chosen, master’s or postgraduate students could get €861 (about INR 73,174).

Application Instructions- There are two options for applying – On the one hand, you have the option of applying for a Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship abroad at the relevant foreign office, where selection conferences are scheduled. If you live in a country or region near selected cities, you can send your written application to the KAS office in charge — please check their websites for the specific method and addressee. The deadlines are determined independently and can be found on the local web pages of the KAS offices. On the other hand, If you are already in Germany, you can apply online directly to the Foundation before 15 July (noon) of the respective year.

Overall, Students have numerous options for applying for scholarships in Germany. Many Universities, as well as Organizations, provide scholarships to the students. Moreover, the procedure for applying for the scholarship may differ for different universities and organizations.

All of the following information was gathered from the internet. If you have any questions, you may reach out to us directly at howtoabroad.com.

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