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How to find an accommodation in Germany: Winter Semester 2022: Everything you need to know

How to find an accommodation in Germany: Winter Semester 2022: Everything you need to know

About How to find an accommodation in Germany: Winter Semester 2022: Everything you need to know

Before getting into Germany, it is very important to know How to Find Accommodation In Germany. There are many options available in the market. One should think about their budgets and preferences before finding accommodations in Germany.

Accommodation in Germany

If you want to study in Germany, you should look for accommodation as soon as possible. There are plenty of options available to find accommodation in Germany. One must look for it very carefully but the demand for accommodation is high in Germany. So sometimes it is hard to find accommodation according to students’ budget. On average, students pay 323 Euros per month for their accommodation but it depends on the cities they live in.

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Find Accommodation in German
Find Accommodation in German

The Right Time to Look for Accommodation

Students should start to look for rooms as soon as possible after their admission confirmation. The International Office helps students to find rooms and some information can be found on social media platforms. Students will have less trouble finding rooms if they are starting their course in the summer semester because most programs are only offered in the winter semester.

How to show up on time for viewing the apartment?

The apartment visit is your opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression on the landlord:

  1. Be enthusiastic and involved.
  2. In a conversation, stand out.
  3. Don’t say anything that you don’t need to say.
  4. Dress professionally.
  5. Bring your documentation.
  6. Be the last one to depart.

Questions To Prepare for Accommodation:

When searching for accommodation please prepare yourself for the following questions: –

What is your minimum accommodation budget?
Budgets vary from one person to the next. especially the place where you choose to live. Accommodation in Germany differs depending on where you go.

How long are you planning to stay?

The main question for students is whether they will live for six months or a year.

Whether you’re studying or working, what are you up to?

Living in Germany varies whether you are a student or a working person.

What are your hobbies?

If you have any hobbies, such as reading books, sports, or skiing, you should highlight them to landlords.

Which sort of room would you want to stay in?

Basically, you may choose to stay in shared rooms or private apartments.

How much are you planning to spend on kaution?

Students have to pay a one-time security deposit which is called Kaution. It is returned to students when they leave the house in good condition.

What is your source of income?

The term “source of income” refers to an individual’s source of income, whether he or she is employed or a student ( blocked account).

Which kind of location do you wish to live in?

The majority of individuals prefer to stay in the city center. Although it is entirely up to the individual to decide where he or she wishes to reside.

What mode of transportation do you possess?

The person’s mode of transportation refers to whether he or she has personal transportation or uses public transportation. For travel, most international students take public transportation such as the bus or train.

Renting Options: What you need to look into before confirming an Apartment.

The monthly rent is divided into two options:

  1. Kaltmiete(cold rent): Kaltmiete is a basic rent that covers the use of one or several rooms.
  2. Warmmiete(heat rent): Warmmiete is the total cost that includes, waste collection, water, gas, heating, etc.

Students have to pay a one-time security deposit which is called Kaution. It is returned to students when they leave the house in good condition.

Types of Accommodation in Germany

Some popular options of accommodation for students are:

  • Student Residence:

Students’ residences on the university’s campus are very popular. Many universities offer students accommodation and you may have to live with other students. These student residences are run by the student service of the university. The monthly rent of accommodation in a student residence would be around 250 Euro per month(it can be more or less than that, but this cost is shown as an average). If Students want a room in the student residence of the university, they can contact the local student service immediately after the confirmation of the admission.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Student Residence in Germany

Advantages: Some advantages of Student Residence are:

  1. Booking a room in a student residence can be done from any country.
  2. A short distance from University.
  3. Low cost of transportation.
  4. Quick socializing with other students of the university.
  5. A good experience of Campus life.

Disadvantages: Some disadvantages of Student Residence are:

  1. The demand for student residence is very high.
  2. A little privacy.
  3. Strict rules for students.
  4. Often long distances from the city.
  • Flatshare:

If students can not manage to get rooms in student residences, they can move to the flatshare option. The kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes living rooms are used communally. Costs of rent, electricity, and internet are shared. But each flatmate has their room. This form of accommodation is very popular among the students as they can communicate with other students, sometimes students of another university. The monthly rent of this type of accommodation will be around 363 Euro per month. Students can look for flatshare on different online platforms. Sometimes, flatshare ads can be found on the university’s notice board.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flatshare in Germany

Advantages: Some advantages of flatshare are:

  1. Privacy.
  2. Direct contact with students from other universities.
  3. One can get a chance to know Germany outside the campus.

Disadvantages: Some disadvantages are:

  1. Less contact with other students of the university.
  2. It is more expensive than the student dormitory.
  3. Distance from the university and associated with transportation costs.
  • Single flat:

If a student wants to live alone, they can live in a private apartment. This is the most comfortable option but also the most expensive. Students might have to pay monthly around 400 Euros for their accommodation depending on the region (in some places it might be less). Students can search specific websites to find their flat. Students can also search the local paper in their university town.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Flat

Advantages: Some advantages are:

  1. Privacy.
  2. More freedom than the student residence.
  3. Direct contact with the students of the universities.
  4. One can explore Germany outside the campus.

Disadvantages: Some disadvantages are:

  1. Most expensive than the student residence and flatshare.
  2. Distance from the university.
  3. Less contact with the students of the university.
  • Interim Rent:

If a student can not arrange accommodation, they can arrange a room for a limited time. In some cities, student services and student communities offer students rooms for the first few days. Students can also rent a room in a private hostel.

  • Living with older people:

Students can also choose to live with older people option. It is a project called Wohnen für Hilfe.It was launched by German Student Union. Students can live with older people free of charge and in return help older people with everyday activities like cooking, gardening, grocery shopping, etc.

  • Living with a family:

Living with a family in Germany can be attractive for students. Students can get a family-friendly environment during their studies in Germany. They can also get the opportunity to know German cultures day by day and they can also improve their language skills.

How do you communicate with landlords?

Rather than calling, many landlords prefer to accept rental queries by email. Perhaps a listing that has piqued your interest lacks sufficient details, and you’d want to learn more before completing your rental application.
This is your chance to create an excellent first impression. It’s crucial to understand that landlords will pre-screen you based on your email inquiry.
To position yourself as an excellent possible renter and increase your chances of obtaining a response from the landlord, follow these guidelines.

Email example
Hello, Mr. Landlord!
My name is Sonia Singh, and I’m writing to express my interest in 55 Street Road. My roommate and I are looking for a quiet neighborhood near the university. We are quiet and studious, pursuing MBA and Biology, and able to pay our rent through part-time employment and parental assistance. Our application material is ready for evaluation, and I’d like to schedule a tour of the site. 978-658-5845 is my phone number.

Thank you for your consideration. I eagerly await your response.

The Best Websites to find Accommodation:

Some helpful links to find accommodation in Germany are as follows:

As a student in Germany, you will not only get a roof over your head but also you can get a chance to make new friends, to explore German cultures. Need help in finding the best and cheap accommodation contact us.

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