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How to get Schufa score in Germany?

About Schufa and Schufa score

Before moving to Germany, it is important to know about Schufa Score and how to get a Schufa score in Germany. Schufa is a short form of Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung. It is the largest credit agency in Germany since 1927. It can be translated into English as “General Credit Protection Association”.This Schufa was used by the Berlin Municipal Electricity Company as a tool to create and track records of customers, who paid installments on time. Currently, they have records of more than 60 million people living in Germany. The records contain all bank accounts and mobile contracts. They track all invoices that are unpaid or were paid late.

How to get a Schufa Score in Germany

How can a Schufa Score impact everyday life

A SCHUFA record plays a role at every major step of the way to everyday life in Germany. This record is checked by the companies like Deutsche Telekom when a person wants to open a phone line. This score can be checked by a bank when someone applies for a loan. For newcomers, landlords sometimes want to see Schufa’s score but it can be challenging because newcomers don’t have a schufa score to start with. That’s why it is recommended to move into flatshare or short-term accommodation.

Documents you need to apply for a credit score

  1. Bank account details
  2. Residence registration which is known as Anmeldung
  3. Passport

Where is the credit score used?

This score is checked by

  1. Banks
  2. Landlords
  3. Internet companies
  4. Phone companies

How to get a Schufa Score

There are many ways to apply for a Schufa Score in Germany:

Apply through a mail
At first, choose the preferred language and fill out the SCHUFA Order Form. Then Fill out the forms and make photocopies of your passport and your residence registration (Anmeldung). This is the free option and is only available to order via mail. This method can take much time and you can expect Schufa Score 2 to 3 weeks after applying.
Apply on the phone
If you plan on applying for the paid SCHUFA, It is the easiest to apply for a credit score. You have to keep your bank details, passport, and your Anmeldung document with you. The agent can ask for these documents. Then the agent will confirm your identity and create the report for you. The agent will mail it out the next day and you can receive it within 2 to 3 business days.

Customer Service Line: 0611 – 92780

At the bank
Many banks offer paid services of providing a Schufa Score even if you are not their customer. You should keep your documents with you if you are going to apply for a Schufa Score at a bank.
Apply through online services
Some online services are available to apply for a Schufa Score. They are:

The SCHUFA needs to be your friend, while you are living in Germany. It tracks and rates all your payment behavior. It impacts whether you will be able to get a loan, a mobile phone contract. You can get a Schufa report online or at a Postbank branch for 29,95 euros. For more information contact us.

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